Rapid Antigen Testing (R.A.T) outside on arrival

Under the direction of our Medical Director, Dr Gavin Scriven we ask you to please:

  • Arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time wearing a mask, then phone us to notify of your arrival.
  • Complete a Rapid Antigen Test (R.A.T) outside the clinic, supplied by Pavilion and performed by a trained and authorised member of our team.
  • Kindly wait outside the clinic until we call you to notify your of your R.A.T result.
  • Understand that your treatment can only be carried out upon a negative test result.
  • Respect and follow the social distancing measures we have in place and keep your mask on at all times please.

Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine will ensure that:

  • Reception staff are trained to appropriately screen clients before they visit the clinic to make sure they’re not close a contact or have been at high risk of COVID exposure.
  • Social distancing measures are monitored and managed, including the implementation of a Perspex barrier in our reception area.
  • Treatment rooms will have only 1 patient inside them at a time and will be consistently cleaned with anti-viral solution between each appointment.
  • Reception area will be consistently and regularly cleaned with anti-viral solution.
  • PPE equipment will be appropriately in use.
  • Record keeping will be maintained, including informing you of any relevant known cases or close contacts.

Rest assured that you can still book appointments and safely attend your scheduled appointments at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine.

See you soon!

Team Pavilion

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