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Chin augmentation by Dr Gavin Scriven

Dr Gav discussing facial profile enhancements using Dermal filler

Chin augmentation with dermal filler can be used to help balance the frontal profile of the lower face to create the ‘triangle of beauty’, as well as creating projection from the side profile to help define the jawline and create harmony with the nose and mouth features.

Chin retraction, or a receding chin for females is often associated with ageing and imbalance in the facial profile and can easily and safely be treated with dermal filler chin augmentation is 1 session.

Dermal filler in the chin can also help create a more masculine appearance for men, if this is the desired goal. Commonly for men, a weak chin is associated with a softer, less masculine appearance, and therefore dermal filler can be a fast, safe and painless solution to gaining a stronger chin with more projection both from the side and the front profile.

Chin augmentation with dermal filler is commonly performed in conjunction with jawline contouring using dermal filler, as this can help balance the lower face and create nice definition associated with a lean and youthful appearance in both men and women.

All dermal filler treatments at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine are performed by a Cosmetic Doctor only. Read more at our guide to dermal fillers.

Key benefits

  • Minimally invasive using needle and/or cannula only
  • Less risk and downtime compared to chin implants
  • High impact and immediate results
  • Fully reversible with injectable agents
  • Safe, quick, effective
  • For both men and women
  • Lasts up to 18 months


  • Create a more balanced lower facial profile from the side
  • Correct chin retraction and create natural looking projection
  • Triangle of beauty for lower face looks attractive and balanced
  • Hide jowls and sub-mental heaviness by lengthening the chin
  • Achieve a more masculine appearance if desired using specific techniques
  • Smooth out any irregularities with contouring of the chin
Treatment Details

What to expect

Doctor Consultation

At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, we aim to provide the very best dermal filler experience in Sydney, starting with your initial Doctor consultation. Your concerns and goals will be discussed with one of our experienced cosmetic Doctor, who will explain your treatment options and what is realistically expected in terms of results.

For most patients, after your initial consultation, you are able to proceed straight to your treatment in the same appointment.


A numbing cream is typically applied before your treatment to keep you as comfortable as possible. The filler is injected using a very fine needle, allowing precise treatment of the desired area.

Treatment times vary from 15 to 30 minutes. Between two and four weeks after your initial treatment session, you may require a top-up upon review.

Downtime and Recovery

Following your treatment, there may be some swelling and the chance of bruising at the injection site, which should disappear within 1-5 days.

While there is minimal downtime and you can usually resume your everyday activities straightaway, we do recommend planning your treatment when you don’t have an event within the following few days in case of bruising and swelling.


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