Key benefits and results

  • Restores the normal state of abnormal skin microvasculature
  • Reduces appearance of post inflammatory redness from acne, trauma or surgical scars
  • Reduces facial flushing and diffuses redness
Your Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Gold Toning treatment?

The Hollywood Spectra ‘Gold Toning’ treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure offered at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine. The treatment performed by Dermal Clinician/Therapist utilises an additional hand-piece to the Hollywood Spectra™ platform, which selectively targets areas of the skin to reduce diffused redness or post inflammatory erythema. It uses a short pulsed 595nm wavelength, which has a high absorption towards haemoglobin resulting in a reduction of inflammation and vascularity.

How does Gold Toning treatment work?

The Hollywood Spectra ‘Gold Toning’ treatment works by using a short pulsed 595nm wavelength, which has a high absorption of haemoglobin resulting in a reduction of inflammation and vascularity.

What are the benefits of Gold Toning treatment?

Benefits of Gold Toning treatments include reduced redness and discoloration and achieving a more even-looking skin tone. The treatment is popular among patients at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine as it is non-invasive and has minimal downtime.

Is Gold Toning treatment safe?

Yes, Hollywood Spectra Gold Toning treatment is considered a safe and effective treatment, and the lasers used in the treatment have been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for cosmetic use.

At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, all Hollywood Gold Toning treatments are performed by trained Dermal Clinician/Therapist, who take appropriate safety measures to ensure the safety of the patient.

As with any medical procedure, there may be some mild side effects associated with Hollywood Gold Toning, such as redness, swelling, and mild discomfort, however these typically subside within a few hours to a few days after treatment.

Does Gold Toning treatment hurt?

Gold Toning treatment carries minimal discomfort to the patient – and is typically well-tolerated. This being said, some patients may experience mild discomfort or a tingling or prickly sensation during the procedure.

How long does Gold Toning treatment take?

Hollywood Spectra Gold Toning treatment is typically completed in 30-60 minutes depending on the area(s) treated for the individual patient, thus making it a quick and convenient procedure.

How many Gold Toning treatment sessions will I require?

The number of Gold Toning treatments recommended for the patient’s goals will depend on the individual and their specific skin concerns. Typically, patients may require multiple treatments spaced several weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

We typically recommend three to six sessions, spaced 1-2 weeks apart – however, we always undertake a skin assessment prior to proceeding with treatment.

Book Skin Assessment by Dermal Clinician [BDermSc, DipBT]

What is the cost of Gold Toning Treatment?

Pricing for Gold Toning treatments vary based on multiple factors, which will be assessed in an initial skin assessment and consultation. Treatment sessions start from $300 per treatment session, noting that multiple treatment sessions may be required to meet the patient’s individual goals.

Book Skin Assessment by Dermal Clinician [BDermSc, DipBT]

Are there any side effects of Gold Toning treatment?

Common side effects of Hollywood Gold Toning include some short-term redness. This generally subsides within minutes to a few hours after treatment.

Who is a good candidate for Gold Toning treatment?

The Hollywood Spectra Gold Toning treatment is a popular redness reduction procedure that effectively treats diffused redness and post-inflammatory erythema.

A good candidate for this treatment is someone who wants to improve the appearance of redness in their complexion.

Gold Toning treatment is suitable for all skin types and ages, however, it may not be recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions, such as active infections or autoimmune disorders. As such, it is very important to consultation with our trained practitioner prior to treatment to determine an appropriate plan suited to you and your concerns.

Overall, if you’re looking for a non-invasive, effective way to improve the look of the redness in your skin, the Hollywood Spectra Gold Toning treatment may be a great option worth considering.

To allow us to tailor a plan for you and to look at starting your treatment journey with us at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, book a Skin Assessment by Dermal Clinician [BDermSc, DipBT].

Are there any other treatment options available to the Hollywood Spectra device?

Yes, there absolutely are. The settings of the device may be customised to suit each patient and their unique area of concern and goals they wish to achieve.

Other treatment options include:

Read more about the Hollywood Spectra here, or to learn more in a face-to-face consultation to develop an individualised treatment plan suited for your circumstances, schedule a Skin Assessment by Dermal Clinician [BDermSc, DipBT].

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