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REMODEL (with Forma RF)

It’s no wonder this treatment has also been described as the ‘Celebrity Facial’ with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts and Ashley Tisdale singing it’s praises.

If you enjoy following beauty treatment trends, you may have heard of Forma radio-frequency (RF) skin tightening. It uses a type of technology called bipolar radio-frequency, and it is gentle and relaxing.

After cleansing, the Forma RF handpiece is moved around the skin in slow, small motions while heating up the area to around 43 degrees. While you feel like you’re enjoying a warm stone massage a lot is taking place under the surface of your skin. Bliss!

Forma works via the A.C.E principle to Acquire, Control and Extend the temperature and thermal endpoint. This results in immediate skin tightening, long term collagen contraction through remodelling and smoothing the dermal fat junction.

Forma penetrates up to 5mm into the skin, making it one of the more advanced devices in the market.

The treatment is safe, with almost no risk and is suitable for almost everyone.

RESURFACE (with SkinPen)

Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Victoria Beckham and Brad Pitt enjoying regular micro needling treatments. We incorporated this modality as the second phase of our trio treatment with the SkinPen.

If you enjoy reading blogs, you can check out Evelyn’s SkinPen blog here which explains the treatment in more detail.

SkinPen is collagen induction therapy, and it achieves results by creating thousands of micro injuries in the skin. It’s a little bit noisy and can feel slightly uncomfortable, but topical numbing cream is applied prior to minimise this.

SkinPen resurfaces the skin and helps to minimise pore size, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve scarring, and gives a radiant glow!

Read more about SkinPen treatment at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine here.


NCTF stands for New Cellular Treatment Factor, which is a poly-revitalisation cocktail, containing 50 active ingredients. Its purpose is to increase hydration, radiance, tonicity, homogeneity and reduce wrinkles.

The nutrient rich cocktail includes:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • 12 vitamins
  • 24 amino acids
  • 6 coenzymes + nucleic acids
  • 6 minerals
  • 6 other beneficial skin boosting ingredients

Each NCTF booster comes in individual sterile vials making it safe and effective to use as a conductive lubricant in conjunction with the SkinPen. As your skin receives tiny micro-injuries, the NCTF booster is instantly absorbed, and not just left sitting on top.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of all three modalities!


So, what’s the point of combining these treatments when each is great on its own? Simple!

Do you want to reach your skin goals the slow way or the fast way?

The RESET Package will tighten your skin, reduce pore size, decrease scarring, soften wrinkles, increase radiance, and restore hydration levels to your skin, so if these are your goals, this option is for you!

We recommend starting with at least 2-3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart for best results, or if you want that ‘A-Lister Glow’ leading up to a special event, then be sure to book in for your RESET package 2 weeks prior.

Please note that if you do book in for this treatment, you must already be using active skin care such as vitamin A or retinoids and/or a pigment inhibitor, which we can recommend if needed.

Still unsure if the RESET package is right for you? Book in to discuss a bespoke plan with us. Our Dermal Clinician, Evelyn Yin [BDermSC, DipBT] is a University trained / Bachelor qualified Dermal Clinician who will help you reach your skin goals.

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