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Our Doctor-led team

From years of experience and research, we have identified a range of equipment, techniques and dermal therapies that deliver optimal results with minimal downtime.

Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine is built upon 2o years experience in cosmetic surgery, otolaryngology and lifestyle medicine. Our principle and medical director, Dr Gavin Scriven (MBBS, FRACGP, FACAM), supported by colleagues have dedicated their lives to treating patients with a wide range of aesthetic and lifestyle concerns.

Dr Gavin Scriven (MBBS, FRACGP, FACAM) – a.k.a “Dr Gav”

Our Medical Director, Dr Gavin Scriven (or “Dr Gav” as he is better known to his clients), graduated from University of Notre Dame Sydney in 2011 with Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.

After completing a two-year Residency at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Dr Gav became an Aviation Medical Officer in the Royal Australian Airforce specialising in Aeromedical Evacuation and Aviation Medicine. He went on to complete a Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Dr Gav’s keen interest in Lifestyle and Cosmetic Medicine led him to expand his medical knowledge and training in this area, and Dr Gav has now been practicing Cosmetic Medicine for over 9 years, whilst also still working as a GP, and is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM).

Dr Gav prides himself on keeping across the latest techniques, products and devices in Cosmetic Medicine, but seeks to only offer the best and most effective treatments at our clinic. With a special interest in anti-ageing solutions, Dr Gav is particularly experienced in injectables, laser rejuvenation, and thread lifting treatments.

He maintains an interest in supporting the holistic wellbeing of his patients and is focused on providing a range of treatments that provide individualised support from the inside out.

As an authorised prescriber of medicinal cannabis, Dr Gav is committed to staying up to date with the latest advances and guidelines in the safe and ethical practice of cannabis medicine as part of a family of solutions that may be appropriate for our patients’ wellbeing needs.

Dr Gav also specialises in intimate and lifestyle medical treatments for both men and women including for erectile dysfunction, non-invasive penile augmentation and vaginal rejuvenation.  His genuine enjoyment in acquiring and sharing knowledge led him to become a clinical trainer of cosmetic injectables and threads for both educational institutions and industry suppliers.

Dr Gav values the shared journey he has with his clients in addressing their ageing concerns and achieving their aesthetic goals. He believes in an individualised and holistic approach and always seeks to enhance your natural features rather than change the way you look.

He continues to learn new techniques and treatments every year by attending major conferences and workshops. As the cosmetic industry constantly evolves, Dr Gav believes in continual training and development for all Cosmetic Physicians no matter how experienced they are.

Dr Cindy Wang (BMed/MD, Master of Surgery)

Dr Cindy Wang has a keen personal and professional interest in non-invasive rejuvenation procedures to restore youthfulness, including anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.

Dr Cindy believes that the best cosmetic results are those with a soft, natural outcome that is individually tailored to the patient. To achieve your long-term aesthetic goals, Dr Cindy will work with you so that you can feel like the best version of yourself, inside and out.

Dr Jeremy Cumpston (MBBS) – a.k.a “Dr Jem”

Dr Jem has 30+ years’ experience as a General Practitioner and over 15 years full time experience in his chosen sub-specialty in cosmetic medicine, men’s health and integrative medicine.

Dr Jeremy has trained many doctors and nurses in the art of cosmetic injecting in Australia and overseas – and we are delighted to have him join us at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine.

Dr Jeremy offers a multitude of non-surgical cosmetic procedures from wrinkle-relaxing injectables to dermal fillers, long-lifting threads, collagen stimulating PDO mono threads, mesotherapy and more. Dr Jeremy also has a special interest in male intimate procedures, particularly after his years of experience working in urology.

Dr Daniela Bitlan (MBBS, FRACGP)

Dr Daniela’s specialisations sit across Functional Medicine, Gut Health and Detoxification, Anti-Ageing Medicine, Medical Nutrition, Cosmetic Medicine, Intra-Venous Therapies and more.

Dr Daniela Bitlan migrated to Australia from Romania in 1988 and graduated from Monash University in 1992. As a functional and holistic doctor in her approach, Dr Daniela is a firm believer that good health is an essential prerequisite for a good appearance. She says that “looking good makes people feel more confident and perform better in society”.

Dr Daniela’s approach to health and aesthetics is holistic and her expertise is broad, enabling her to perform advanced non-invasive cosmetic treatments for her patients.

Dr Daniela is aware and considerate of the time constraints that most people face. As such, we try to schedule our treatments in such a manner that people spend less money and time while undergoing complex treatments with minimal pain and adequate recovery downtime.

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