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Your Pampering Time

Our bespoke Medi Facials are indulgent yet effective and cater for all skin types. These relaxing treatments have enormous benefits for the health and wellness of your skin, both in the short and long term. 

Using active cosmeceuticals which penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, our signature facials work by increasing cellular turnover, stimulating collagen production, detoxifying and removing impurities, infusing the skin with vital nutrients and hydration, and strengthening the skin’s barrier function to provide ongoing improvement long after your treatment with us.

 Our experienced Dermal team will conduct a thorough skin assessment and then tailor our signature facials to suit your goals and concerns.

Our tailored Medi Facials are customised for each individual. They can be more relaxing with a lymphatic drainage massage or more advanced and include extractions. All of our Medi Facials conclude with an application of serum, moisturiser and SPF.

All bespoke clinical facials at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine are customised to the individual and their unique skin concerns. Treatment inclusions may be modified on the day after assessment with your treating practitioner.

Key benefits

  • Nourish, hydrate and strengthen skin
  • Short term and long term improvement in skin quality, tone and texture
  • Relaxing and indulgent spa treatment backed with proven active ingredients
  • Complement your resurfacing treatments such as Morpheus8, Co2 Laser, Injectables or other
  • Customisable to suit all skin types and conditions
  • No downtime


All of our medical-grade facials are able to be customised to suit your individual skin type and desired results.

Medi Facial options

Personalised plan just for you

During your medifacial, our Dermal Clinician will tailor a personalised plan just for you. See below for a view on the steps which may be included depending on your treatment
  • Double cleanse — this step is the first step as part of your treatment that involves removing dirt, makeup, dead skin cells and oils. This is the most simple and relaxing step, yet the most important to ensure the skin is prepared for the tailored steps ahead.
  • Oxygenation treatment by Societe — this has a multi-purpose benefit. Using professional grade in-clinic products in your treatment will deliver a boost of oxygen directly into the skin. Outcome is a sanitising effect and softening of the skin for easy extractions as well as healing and soothing the skin.
  • Chemical Peel — Customised for every client. Using acids of different strength we offer exfoliation the outermost layer of the skin and increase cell turnover. With a large range of peels to choose from, our Dermal Clinician will tailor one specifically for your skin.
  • Healite II LED Light Therapy — a form of photo biomodulation using infrared or blue LED light to soothe, heal, energise and regulate the skin.
  • Extractions — professional extractions performed using a clean and gentle technique to clear clogged pores and congestion.
  • Facial lymphatic massage — ideal for those wanting a more relaxing treatment. With knowledge on the lymphatic nodes and their location, our Dermal Clinician can perform a relaxing facial massage to drain and improve lymphatic flow in the face.
  • Facial mask — customised to your skin and your concerns. At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, we have many different kinds of professional, in-clinic face masks that can be hydrating and nourishing, detoxifying and/or repairing.

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