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Male intimate treatments by experienced Doctor

Dr Gavin Scriven (MBBS, FRACGP, FACAM)


Sound like you?

  • Tight scrotum?
  • Painful at times?
  • Wanting to hang lower?
  • Sweaty balls?
  • Want to improve appearance of the scrotum
  • Want a fuller-looking scrotum?
  • Want a bigger bulge?

Scrotox could be for you. First step is to book a Doctor consultation to discuss suitability and come up with a treatment plan just for you.

What is Scrotox?

Scrotox is a term commonly used for a non-surgical cosmetic treatment by doctor-only to the scrotal area using injectables. The procedure involves using wrinkle relaxer in the scrotal area to effectively relax scrotal muscles, minimise wrinkles, reduce sweating, and generally make the scrotum appear larger in appearance.

Who is scrotox treatment for?

  • Men suffering from chronic scrotal tightness pain
  • Men wanting to reduce wrinkles in the scrotum
  • Men bothered by sweating in the region
  • Men seeking improvement in their scrotal appearance
  • Men looking to improve their sex lives

Key benefits

  • Reduce scrotal tightness
  • Relax the muscles
  • Improve appearance
  • Increase confidence
  • Improved sensitivity
  • More pleasurable sexual activity



  • Hang more freely
  • Reduce pain from tightness
  • Minimise sack wrinkles
  • Testicles appear larger
  • Decrease sweating
  • Relieve testicular pain
Treatment Details

What to expect

Doctor Consult & Treatment
  • First step is a Doctor consultation in which we explain the procedure, expected outcomes and other treatment factors
  • Suitability identified and client consent obtained
  • Instructions provided on how you apply anaesthetic numbing cream to the scrotal area for treatment comfort
  • You apply numbing cream in a private room, with numbing for 15-30 minutes
  • Doctor will identify areas for treatment and undertake treatment
  • Post care instructions explained, with documentation and support contacts supplied
Recovery & Downtime

Immediately after

For 1 day post procedure you may experience:

  • Some numbness to the scrotum
  • Minimal swelling
  • Mild discomfort to the scrotal area is possible

The above may not apply in each treatment. With use of numbing cream there is minimal discomfort and few clients have reported pain of significance.


Scrotum enhancement treatment or Scrotox is a quick in-and-out procedure with minimal recovery time. Downtime is minimal. We recommend avoid having sex and lifting heavy objects on the day of the procedure. Generally healthy males with no underlying illnesses or complications get the procedure completed in-clinic within minutes and resume their daily life almost immediately.

Return to work

Scrotox is a safe, non-surgical, and relatively pain-free procedure takes 45 minutes max (including a Doctor consultation). The procedure itself typically only takes 15-30 minutes. You can freely resume normal activities virtually immediately after the procedure and go straight back to work in most instances. Our Doctor will guide you on these aspects in your discreet one-on-one consultation and provide you with post-care instructions.


Your Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions

How long do I wait to see results of Scrotox treatment?

Treatment is highly effective with a 100% success rate reported by our clients treated for the Scrotox procedure at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine.

Timings vary from client to client. Some take a few days, but typically results set in up to 1 week after treatment. The maximum therapeudic effect is at week 2.

How long does Scrotox treatment effects last?

How long Scrotox lasts varies from client to client based on several different factors. All will be explained by Dr Gavin Scriven in your consultation. As a guide, Scrotox results may last up to 6 months. Some clients may need a top-up at the 3-4 month mark.

How many Scrotox treatments will I need?

Depends on the concerns of the individual client and several other medical factors to be assessed and discussed with Dr Gavin Scriven in your consultation. Dr Gav will discuss your concerns and in consultation with you come up with a with tailored treatment plan.

Is Scrotum enhancement or Scrotox treatment painful?

In most cases Scrotox treatment is minimally invasive, using numbing cream for comfort and involving only superficial injections with advanced injectable techniques to minimise discomfort. Some mild bruising or pain after treatment is possible, however this is fairly rare and it does subside quickly.

How much does Scrotox treatment cost?

As a price guide, Scrotox treatment is $1,650 per treatment. Doctor consultation with Dr Gavin Scriven is required as a first step. To secure your booking, a $150 deposit required, with this payment used toward the treatment price if you decide to proceed with treatment in the same appointment after your Doctor consultation.

Always remember to check the AHPRA website for the registration status of your practitioner.


Interested in Scrotal enhancement treatment?

We welcome you to Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine Sydney for a consultation with Dr Gavin Scriven, who'll tailor a treatment plan specific to your concerns and desires.

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