A bit about Allergic Rhinitis

What is Hayfever, Allergic Rhinitis, Seasonal Rhinitis and its often-consequent misery?

Hayfever is a four [4] step process whereby small particles in the air such as pollens, grasses, dust mites, mould and/or animal fur, trigger the following process:

  1. particles land in your nose, sinuses and eyes etc;
  2. because you carry an inherited tendency, it causes an immune response;
  3. certain white blood cells release signals;
  4.  which then releases the misery of hayfever symptoms.

What is HayTox treatment?

HayTox is the topical application of muscle relaxant medication (botulinum toxin), which is sprayed using a sterile device into the nasal passage, serving to mitigate the need for more traditional symptom management options, such as nasal sprays or cortisone sprays, antihistamines, decongestants.

Use of muscle relaxant medication for HayTox may be the fastest acting and most effective tool to control hayfever symptoms, in people who do not find the conventional and first line treatments for hayfever enough. Self-medicating treatment options such as pharmacy over-the-counter antihistamines – for some – may deliver only little to no effect and can often carry side-effects.

HayTox on the other hand, is fast acting and extremely effective in relieving hay-fever symptoms – with minimal downtime and no side effects.

While the HayTox treatment is not permanent, most patients report an improvement to runny noses and reduced or entirely alleviated symptoms of congestion for the annual allergy season. Repeat maintenance treatments may be required, depending on the individual.

Tell me MORE about HayTox treatments

Haytox application by our PCM Doctors is performed topically with a spray device that distributes the active ingredient evenly in the nasal mucosa. This method serves to block nasal nerve endings, effectively bypassing the immune system from becoming stimulated by environmental allergens that those with allergic rhinitis breathe and react to.

Haytox treatment allows nerve receptors of the thin nasal cavity to effectively absorb the muscle relaxant product. This approach ensures patient comfort – in the sense that the individual patient who is undergoing treatment does not experience any pain (as there are no needles used).

So what can I expect?

Firstly, an honest assessment by one of Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine’s Doctors.

We pride ourselves on our moral compass, even if it means we recommend that you do not proceed with treatment.

Secondly, because Botulinum protein works at step 4, as noted above, there is no definitive answer aside from undertaking a trial treatment session to ascertain the results for you personally.

HayTox treatment does not necessarily ‘cure’ hayfever, however, most patients experience a significant improvement in the severity of their hayfever symptoms.

HayTox treatment


  • Increased Energy Levels: Many patients report increased energy levels after HayTox treatment. This may be attributed to better breathing quality leading to optimal oxygenation of the body organs and systems.
  • Skin Health: Clearer and healthier skin is a benefit of HayTox treatment for some individuals. Again, this can directly be because of better oxygenation due to better breathing and a feeling of overall wellness).
  • Reduced Inflammation: HayTox may help reduce inflammation locally in the nasal area.
  • Improved Sleep: Some patients report improved sleep quality and patterns following HayTox treatment, possibly due to reduced bodily discomfort and improved overall health.
  • Tailored Approach: Our PCM Doctors may tailor HayTox treatment plans to the individual needs of our patient, ensuring a personalised and effective detoxification process.
  • Minimal Side Effects: HayTox treatment carries minimal side effects, making it a safe and effective option to alleviate hayfever symptoms when compared to excessive use of nasal spray and antihistamine tablet use.

Treatment intervals

True ‘Spring hayfever’ is typically addressed with one HayTox treatment per year. If multiple allergens cause continued year-round allergic rhinitis symptoms, then one may benefit from more frequent HayTox treatments or top-ups.

Top-ups: You may need top-up HayTox treatments over time, or one may supress their symptoms with tablets such as antihistamine, or nasal sprays in low doses during symptomatic periods.

Your bespoke treatment plan will be identified in your PCM Doctor consultation.

Dr Toshi Zia on HayTox treatment performed at PCM

HayTox treatments at PCM are performed by Doctors only
What to expect

Your process at PCM

PCM Doctor consultation

A registered Doctor will undertake a consultation with the individual patient in relation to the HayTox treatment, which will include taking a detailed medical history and hayfever assessment.

Your PCM Doctor will take time to understand your hayfever symptoms, with view to tailor an approach specific to your unique needs, if both the Doctor and yourself conclude that you are a suitable candidate for HayTox treatment.


HayTox procedure and aftercare

After a nasal wash, the HayTox is sprayed strategically into the nasal cavity.

No needles, just a 10-minute lie down and perhaps some heightened hayfever symptoms for a few hours shortly after treatment.

For a period of four [4] hours post HayTox treatment, our Doctors advise to avoid the following:

  • no blowing of nose
  • no vigorous exercise
Progressive results after HayTox treatment

Beneficial effects of HayTox treatment may onset fairly rapidly eg. being seen in a matter of days. However, the full therapeutic benefit of HayTox treatment is at the 2-3 week mark post treatment.

Maintenance treatments for optimal results

You will typically know when it is time for a top-up HayTox treatment, with the gradual rise in your hayfever-triggered symptoms.

Top-ups can be performed 3-weeks after a prior HayTox treatment. Otherwise, you can wait till late Winter or soon thereafter to prepare for the start of Spring.

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Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I need a GP referral for HayTox treatment at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine?

No. Your appointment at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine will includes a Doctor consultation and treatment – and as this will be with a Doctor, you will not require a referral prior to treatment if performed at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine.

How do I prepare for the HayTox treatment?

There is no essential preparation involved. Just a pre-treatment nasal wash, which we will guide you through approximately one [1] hour prior to HayTox treatment.

Can I have HayTox treatment while pregnant?

No. As with wrinkle relaxer injections using botulinum toxin, patients who are pregnant cannot undergo HayTox treatment using muscle relaxant medication, botulinum.

How long does a HayTox treatment session take?

For the first treatment application (including consultation), we suggest allowing 45 minutes end to end. Subsequent repeat treatment visits and applications should allow 30 minutes. We suggest allowing some additional time for a pre-treatment nasal wash.

Following medical assessment, the HayTox treatment itself only takes a few minutes.

You will be kept under observation to rest for approximately 10-minutes after the HayTox treatment.

Do I need to stop hayfever medication prior to HayTox?

Patients may cease use of their allergy-specific nasal sprays for a 24 period of hours prior to the HayTox procedure, including saline sprays and corticosteroid sprays. However, cessation one’s current hayfever medications is not essential.

You may continue to take hayfever symptom medications as required, following the HayTox procedure.

What are the benefits of HayTox treatment?

HayTox treatment carries a dual-acting approach. While its primary purpose is to alleviate hayfever symptoms, it also offers an added advantage by reducing inflammation in your nasal passages and to the eyes.

The feeling of relief delivered by HayTox treatment is for some fairly quickly, for others it will take a few days to weeks; with the maximum effect at the 2-3 week point after treatment.

How long after HayTox will I feel relief from hayfever symptoms?

Benefits from the HayTox treatment may commence within a few days; with the positive effect increasing daily over the 1-3 weeks. The optimal results or maximum therapeutic effect of the HayTox treatment comes into play at 2-3 weeks post the initial HayTox treatment. This being said, the majority of our patients report a significant improvement in their hayfever symptoms within days of their first HayTox treatment.

How long do the effects of HayTox treatment last?

The individual patient response from a single treatment varies in the degree of improvement in hayfever symptom control.

In some patient cases, they may request a subsequent HayTox top-up treatment after 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment, in order to optimise the results. Top-up treatments will derive additional costs, which vary depending on the units of product used in the individual patient’s treatment. The alternative is for the patient to use a lesser-quantity of symptom management tools such as sprays and tablets.

Symptom control from HayTox can last from several months covering the whole allergy season, which again, is variable based on the individual patient. The duration of effect from HayTox treatment varies based on several individualised patient factors, which includes their general health status and/or other medical conditions affecting their immune system and the severity of symptoms previously experienced.

Although it has been suggested to repeat the HayTox treatment annually eg. on the fringe onset of spring time; most patients return for a top-up treatment when they feel that their symptoms are returning again.

Is there any pain from HayTox treatment?

HayTox is a minimally invasive procedure, performed only by Doctors at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine.

The HayTox treatment itself is, for most, virtually painless in its administration. Most patients report only a minor pinch during the application, noting that there are no needles used in the HayTox procedure.

Is there any downtime or side effects with HayTox treatment?

There is no need for downtime post treatment, other than approximately 10-minutes lying down immediately after treatment.

There are no side effects with HayTox treatment.

Does HayTox negatively interact with other allergy management medications?

Haytox treatment does not interfere with other allergy treatments. In other words, following a PCM Doctor consultation, you can undergo Haytox treatment in combination with any other hayfever management methods and/or other medications that you may be taking for other medical conditions.

Does HayTox help with non-allergic rhinitis?

Haytox treatment does not help non-allergic ‘Perennial Rhinitis’ as effectively as it does treat allergic hay-fever symptoms. However, if after a PCM Doctor consultation and associated medical assessment, we feel you have the non-allergic rhinitis condition, Haytox treatment may still be helpful and can be used in conjunction with other treatments you may already use (or we may prescribe after medical assessment).

Are there any other uses for muscle relaxant medication?

Yes. As well as acting to relieve symptoms associated with hayfever (allergic rhinitis), the muscle relaxant medication botulinum toxin is also more commonly used for anti-wrinkle injectables to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Amongst other uses, muscle relaxant medication may also be used to relieve jaw clenching or teeth grinding (bruxism), or to reduce excess sweating (hyperhidrosis).

How much does HayTox cost?

HayTox treatment including Doctor consultation on the same day starts from $600 including GST.

Price varies depending on the volume of product utilised by your treating PCM Doctor during Haytox treatment, which depends on the individual patient’s symptoms.

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