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Why is treating hyperhidrosis important?

When sweating is excessive it can be uncomfortable, stressful and embarrassing. It can affect someone’s self-esteem and impact everything from style choice and sporting activities through to career decisions and relationships. Excess sweating may force people to change clothes several times a day.

What causes hyperhidrosis?

While stress and high temperatures can increase perspiration, they do not cause hyperhidrosis. It remains an individual variation in the distribution of sweat glands and may be hereditary in nature.

The prevalence is similar for men and women. People may produce excessive sweat in the face from emotional stress, higher environmental temperatures, or stimulants like caffeine. However, the episodes of sweating excessively may occur without any known stimulus. Excessive sweating is the increased activity of the sweat glands in response to various stimuli that may need regulation of the body’s temperature.

Hyperhidrosis prevalence is reported to be around 2.8% of the population and perhaps underestimated due to under diagnosis.

Is there treatment for hyperhidrosis?

Muscle Relaxants or Anti-Wrinkle Injections one option. With an appropriately qualified practitioner, injectables of this kind as a safe, well established and effective treatment for Axillary Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in the armpits). At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine all injectors are Doctors only.

Key benefits

  • No downtime
  • Gain more confidence
  • No more sweaty armpits


Following the initial treatment, the effects can start to appear at 1-2 weeks with the effect peaking at the 3-4 week mark.

Once the treatment effect has peaked the results may last up to 4-6 months based on individual treatment response. A repeat treatment is typically required at this time for continued results.

When you begin to feel symptoms returning, make an appointment to see your Cosmetic Doctor at PCM.

Treatment Details

Your treatment experience

How long this treatment has been used?

Muscle Relaxants or Anti-Wrinkle Injections have been used for hyperhidrosis since 2004.

In terms of Anti-Wrinkle injections, they were first approved in Australia for eye and face movement disorders in 1993, and used in Australia and New Zealand in therapeutic treatments for over 20 years.

How does it work?

Anti-Wrinkle or Muscle Relaxant injections, delivered in small portions by a tiny needle, will help to reduce excessive sweating. The treatment stops the nerve impulse reaching that area, inactivating the sweat glands.

Sweating is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system and the sweat glands are activated by the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. The temporary effect of Anti-Wrinkle or Muscle Relaxant injections on acetylcholine receptors causes a reduction in sweat production.

Your Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How often is Hyperhidrosis treatment needed?

Most patients undergo this specific Muscle Relaxant treatment twice a year. Individuals who suffer from the hyperhidrosis condition typically experience the symptoms more in the summer months. In such cases, patients may only need treatment once prior to the start of summer.

Is a touch up session needed after the first treatment for Hyperhidrosis?

The effect from Hyperhidrosis treatment typically lasts to 4-6 months depending on individual response and based on the dosage used.

In a small number of cases there is a need for a touch up session. A sub-optimal response may indicate the need for a higher dosage of treatment, where a ‘touch up’ or ‘top up’ session may be required. Upon Doctor reassessment a touch up treatment may be required at the 4-6 week mark.

Is the Hyperhidrosis treatment for excessive sweating painful?

Given the nature of the treatment (and area treated), there may be some minor discomfort associated. However the majority patients tolerate treatment well along with all the comforting measures provided on the day of treatment by our clinical team managing the treatment.

Are there any contraindications to the Hyperhidrosis treatment used for excessive sweating?

Every patient needs to be evaluated and assessed in-person at our clinic by the treating Doctor to rule out any contraindications. As a general rule, prior allergic reaction to muscle relaxant injections, any ongoing infection or inflammation at the site of injection, pregnancy, breastfeeding and the use of certain medication is considered to be a contraindication to this procedure.

Are there any side effects or risk factors of with this Hyperhidrosis treatment?

Although this specific Hyperhidrosis treatment has been used safely and effectively for a considerable period of time, and with a low side-effect profile, it remains a medical treatment so there are possible risk factors and complications. All these are discussed at length with the treating Doctor in your initial consultation prior to treatment. View availability and book your appointment online.


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