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The Hollywood Spectra Difference

The Hollywood Spectra is more effective than other lasers of its kind.

In fact, it’s the first short-pulse laser to gain FDA clearance for treatment of melasma and has powerful versatility to reduce other unwanted pigmentation.

It achieves this by delivering energy into the skin in nanoseconds, with minimal downtime and with fully adjustable settings and wavelengths.

Lutronic has been one of the leading innovators of aesthetic and medical advanced lasers for the past 20 years. Lutronic also has a global reach and is used in many dermatological, medical and cosmetic clinics in over 65 countries worldwide.


Common concerns treated

The Lutronic Hollywood Spectra™ has the ability to provide as a range of targeted treatments:

Read more about the Hollywood Spectra Q-Switch laser on our PCM Hollwood Spectra Blog post or read more about the Hollywood Spectra Experience.

Hollywood Spectra

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