Ear Lobe Aesthetics

There have been various aesthetic interventions described in the surgical and non-surgical world including and not remaining limited to:

  • ear pinning
  • ear size reduction
  • ear lobe reconstruction or reduction

It is suggested that as we grow older, our ear size increases particularly the ear circumference that may increase on average 0.51mm per year. This size change is largely attributed to the ageing changes in collagen. These age-related changes in collagen may make the ears look larger in size but flaccid in volume and fullness.

Another important factor that may add to the shape change in the ears and particularly in the ear lobe is the use of heavy ear Jewellery. It is common knowledge that in some indigenous cultures around the globe, heavy ear jewellery is used to enlarge the ear lobe size as it is considered desirable aesthetically. The earlobe has a remarkable ability to grow towards the gravity when faced with enough weight. The volume loss, like any other area of the face makes it flaccid and hanging.

We come across women who stop wearing ear jewellery because the ear lobe has lost its tautness to support the weight of ear jewellery. An obvious loss of volume in the earlobe is seen that enhances the signs of ageing. When it comes to correction of anatomical defects or deficits, like injury related changes including long standing piercing enlargements, reduction of the cartilage (hard part of the ear) and improvement in aesthetic ear projection alignment, it may need a surgical intervention.

In our minimally invasive non-surgical world, we have limitations of treatments offered for ear rejuvenation, however, the use of soft tissue dermal fillers for the rejuvenation of ear lobe is a remarkable and satisfying treatment. The use of soft tissue fillers does restrict us in the ear lobe region, only due to anatomical restrictions. Nonetheless, ear lobe filler is a sought-after treatment that can have amazing results for those seeking a fuller looking ear lobe. In some cases, ear lobe dermal filler treatment has also proven to be beneficial to support light weight ear jewellery.

Dermal Filler Treatment to the Ear Lobe

A soft tissue hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler of varied consistency is selected (noting that this varies based on the individual patient circumstances), and after pre-treatment consultation, is then injected strategically in the ear lobe. The instant ability of these type of fillers to give volume and plumpness, makes it a convenient treatment with minimal downtime.

Ear lobe dermal filler can effectively increase the tautness of the earlobe making it look more youthful in its aesthetic appearance. An important aspect of this treatment remains the technique utilised by the practitioner and use of the filler in a manner that makes the earlobe fuller, without making it look bigger. As touched on earlier, ear size increases with age, accompanied by reduction in volume. So, the approach employed with ear lobe filler treatment remains to balance out the volume and size. The reason it is clearly an ear lobe rejuvenation treatment is because the treatment is limited to the earlobes only. For any other aesthetic concerns of the ear, a surgical intervention may be required.

We see patients in our practice at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, where they enquire about the possibility of reducing a long standing enlarged ear piercing with soft tissue filler. It is dependent upon the size and proportion of the piercing. In majority of the cases, filler alone may not help with the improvement of this particular concern. However, small ear-piercing deficits may get a beneficial outcome when the ear lobe around them is volumised and the fullness of tissue makes the ear-piercing look and feel narrower. Again, the concept to understand is that the piercing cannot be ‘filled’ with soft tissue filler, but by improving the volume in the flaccidity of tissue around it may improve its size.

Ear Lobe Visual Improvement Non-Surgically

Doctor-only injectables at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine
Results achievable using dermal filler

Results at a glance

Ear Lobe Filler Treatment

  • Provides volume and fullness to flaccid and ageing earlobes.
  • Increases tautness and volume of the ear lobe.
  • Delivers plumper, fuller and more youthful aesthetic appearance to the ear lobe.
  • Balances out volume and size of the ear lobe.
  • Supports lightweight ear jewellery.
  • Improves the appearance of long-standing enlarged ear piercings in some cases.
  • Goal is to achieve plump, fuller, and youthful earlobes while minimising the impact on visual size.
  • Convenient treatment with minimal downtime.
  • Results can last from 12-18 months, with some cases showing results up to 24 months.

For dermal filler treatments more generally, refer to our dermal filler guide.

“For it was not into my ear you whispered but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed but my soul.”

~ Judy Garland

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does ear lobe filler treatment take?

Dermal filler treatment to the ear lobe typically takes between 15-30 minutes in duration.

Is there downtime for ear lobe dermal filler treatment?

There is no major downtime associated with dermal filler to the ear lobe. The possibility of bruising and mild to moderate swelling exists, which is always explained in detail by the treating Cosmetic Doctor at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine.

How long after ear lobe filler treatment can one start wearing ear jewellery?

Based on the volume replacement in earlobe on individual bases, it is advised to avoid wearing any jewellery for one week. After one week, lightweight jewellery can be worn.

Does ear lobe filler treatment make the ears look bigger?

The ear lobe rejuvenation treatment using dermal filler is restricted to the earlobes only, and, the approach is always to balance out the volume replacement whilst minimising an impact on the visual size.

The goal is to achieve plump, fuller, and youthful earlobes. Amongst other factors to be assessed by your Cosmetic Doctor prior to the procedure, the treatment itself will depend on patient selection, appropriate type of filler used and the Injectors technique.

Are there any risk factors associated with ear lobe dermal filler treatment?

Despite being a convenient and high satisfaction treatment, it remains a medical procedure that requires a certain level of skill and therefore comes with precautions and aftercare that is needed with soft tissue fillers. The possibility of bruising, post-treatment swelling, lumpiness, inflammation and infection, along with vascular compromise exists; however, these are rare in treatment to the earlobe area.

If you choose to proceed with earlobe filler treatment at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, such factors will around the risks and downtime shall be clearly explained by your treating Cosmetic Doctor prior to treatment. Additionally, the signs and symptoms to watch out for shall be discussed with the patient along with a take-home aftercare information sheet, so in case of any untoward side effect, it can be managed appropriately with support from our clinical team.

Is the ear lobe filler treatment painful?

The injectable treatment ear lobe filler treatment is tolerated well by majority of our patients at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, with the aid of topical numbing application prior to treatment, and the use of expert techniques to minimise the discomfort.

How long does ear lobe filler treatment last?

Ear lobe treatment using soft tissue dermal fillers can last from 12-18 months based on individual factors of the patient. In some specific cases, we have observed results lasting up to 24 months.

How much does dermal filler treatment to the earlobes cost?

At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, the cost of 1 mL ear lobe treatment using HA dermal filler is $770 including GST.

Transparent pricing at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine

Dermal Filler Price Guide

Volume of Dermal Filler (HA)
Total Cost including GST
1 mL in one [1] treatment session$770 per mL
2-3 mLs in one [1] treatment session$700 per mL
4 mL or more mLs in one [1] treatment session$650 per mL
Any 1 of the following areas: Forehead -OR- A-Frame -OR- Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty$1,100 for 1mL

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