Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Physical Factors

  • Chronic diseases (eg. diabetes, hypertension)
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Neurological disorders
  • Side effects of certain medications

Psychological Factors

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems
for the treatment of ED

Treatment options for consideration

Some treatment options

[I] Medications:

  • Oral medications like Sildenafil (Viagra) or Tadalafil (Cialis)

[II] Lifestyle Changes:

  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Smoking cessation
  • Limiting alcohol intake

[III] Therapies:

  • Psychotherapy for psychological causes
  • Hormone replacement therapy for hormonal imbalances

LiSWT (Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy)

LiSWT is a promising non-invasive treatment for ED. It involves delivering low-intensity shock waves to the penis, which stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and improves blood flow.

Low-intensity Shock Wave Therapy may serve to enhance erectile function and potentially provide long-term benefits.

Key Benefits of LiSWT treatment


  • LiSWT doesn’t involve surgery or needles, making it a less intimidating option for many men.

Improvement in Blood Flow:

  • Stimulates the formation of new blood vessels (Neo-Vascularisation), enhancing blood circulation to the penis.

Long-Term Effects:

  • Some studies suggest that the benefits of LiSWT may last for an extended period (beyond 6-12 months), reducing the need for ongoing treatments.

Minimal Side Effects:

  • Generally considered safe with minimal side effects compared to some other treatments.
For treating erectile dysfunction or ED

Other Treatment Options to LiSWT

  • Vacuum pump devices – may assist with the onset of temporary erections, although application using rings or bands may restrict blood flow from the penis.
  • Oral medications – Viagra (Sildenafil) has been widely prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction. Alternatively, Cilias (Tadalafil) is reported to derive a longer-lasting effect and does not need to be taken immediately beforehand. However, it is noted that some men fail to respond to either of these medications.
  • Caverject – this an injectable medication therapy, serving as a muscle relaxant to rapidly trigger the onset of an erection.
  • Implantable devices – there are many options available in the market. We note there are multiple kinds, with the most common involving inflatable cylinders and a manual pump-device that can pump fluid into the penis, thereby expanding to create an ‘artificial’ erection.

LiSWT in combination with other treatment options

The key difference between LiSWT for ED and other treatments is that LiSWT is the only treatment modality aimed at the root cause of impotence and erectile dysfunction. As such, it effectively serves to cure the underlying cause as opposed to trigger-based medically induced erections.

The LiSWT treatment duration is approximately 10 minutes and is repeated at two weekly intervals for a total of four to eight treatment cycles (pending on degree of ED), it is non-invasive with zero downtime. It is not painful and therefore may not require any anaesthetic agent.

Typically, the treatment protocol is performed twice per week for 3 weeks, for an initial series of six [6] treatment sessions. Some men may benefit from up to 12 treatment sessions.

Results from LiSWT under the aforementioned treatment regime are typically seen 8 weeks post the last treatment session. Approximately 75% of men undergoing our treatment regime have reported significant improvement in the health of their erections in terms of them being stronger, harder, and longer lasting.

When results tend to diminish over time, the LiSWT treatment is repeatable.

As part of your Doctor consultation at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine prior to treatment, it is of upmost importance for us to consult with the male patient about other lifestyle factors that may relate to the causes of their underlying ED symptoms.

Lifestyle factors that cause poor erectile function

These may include one or more of the following:

  • Smoking leads to reduced penile blood flow and atherosclerosis of vessels that can worsen impotence symptoms.
  • Overweight and bad diets
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes type 1 and type 2
  • Lack of sleep or exercise

Conducting further online research

We encourage men seeking out treatment options to research before considering treatment options, prior to seeking medical assistance.

When researching ED treatments online, we recommend you consider the following to furnish oneself with information.

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Studies showing effectiveness of LiSWT in treatment of ED:

Doctor consultation to tailor a treatment plan for your personal circumstances

Always consult with a healthcare professional with background in men’s sexual health before starting any treatment for ED, in order to determine the most suitable option based on individual health needs and conditions.

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