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Non-surgical RF facelift alternative to target fat and tighten loose skin

The Future of Non-Invasive Skin Lifting and Tightening

As we age, the effects of gravity and sun damage can make us look tired and older than we actually feel. Our skin gradually loses its firm and youthful look, deep lines may appear around the eyes and mouth, sagging skin may fall from the cheek, jawline and neck, and fat deposits that were once full and firm deplete and descend, leaving hollow and sunken areas of the face.

Previously, the only treatment for this was a surgical facelift, but not everybody is ready for or interested in such invasive surgery. For suitable candidates, Dr Gav and his team of Cosmetic Doctors are excited to offer EmbraceRF technology, which he believes offers the most advanced non-surgical facelift alternative available today. It offers significant, natural-looking skin lifting and tightening results and can prolong or even negate the need for surgery in specific cases.

EmbraceRF is a medical device offering minimally invasive procedures that target both the superficial and deep layers of the skin. It combines clinically proven radiofrequency (RF) technologies – FaceTite, AccuTite and Morpheus8 – to tighten skin and remodel fat on the face, neck and jawline. With our depth of experience this unique combination of outcomes enables us to provide patients with noticeable, long-lasting results with minimal to no downtime.

Together, these offer a new facial contouring solution where no other exists.

Key benefits

  • Minimally invasive facelift alternative avoiding excisional surgery
  • Significant tightening of sagging skin on the face, neck and jowls
  • Precise fat reduction and remodelling for advanced facial contouring
  • Slim and contour a double chin (submental fullness)
  • Minimise the appearance of deep lines or facial folds
  • Improve skin texture and tone
  • Provides immediate results that continue to improve over time as collagen forms
  • Minimal downtime (few days)
  • Long-lasting results
  • One-time, in-clinic procedure


In just one FaceTite or AccuTite treatment, you will achieve dramatic improvements to skin laxity on the face, neck and jawline, as well as noticeable contouring of the jaw line, under the chin and neck. The result is a more sculpted, youthful appearance with better neck and jaw line definition, as well as improved skin texture and tone, particularly around the eyes when using AccuTite.

For the suitable candidate, FaceTite/AccuTite can achieve results similar to a surgical facelift but with much less downtime.

Although some of the lifting and sculpting results from EmbraceRF are identifiable immediately, the most substantial improvements are usually seen around six to twelve weeks post treatment, with continued improvement for up to a year as new collagen is formed. Much like a surgical facelift, the results are often permanent but will not stop the natural ageing process.

Treatment Details

What to expect


A Cosmetic Doctor consultation is required prior to undergoing FaceTite or AccuTite treatment. During your consultation, one of our Senior Cosmetic Physicians will carefully assess your aesthetic concerns, listen to your treatment goals and explain how the procedure may benefit you. 

FaceTite and/or AccuTite is offered as a doctor-only treatment and may sometimes be recommended in combination with Morpheus8 or other treatment modalities.


FaceTite and AccuTite treatments are performed under local anaesthesia. The procedure is performed in our clinic by one of our Cosmetic Doctor and typically takes around 90 minutes, depending on the area(s) treated.  

Using the EmbraceRF for FaceTite or AccuTite treatment, local anaesthetic is injected into the treatment area. We also apply a topical numbing cream to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment. 

Once the area is completely numbed, a small cannula is used, similar in size to those used in dermal filler injections. The cannula probe delivers the RadioFrequency (RF) energy to the deeper layers of the skin while the specially designed handpiece treats the superficial skin layers at the same time. 

Downtime and Recovery

The EmbraceRF device using FaceTite or AccuTite cannulas typically has a downtime of 2-3 days, and you can expect some swelling, redness and mild bruising may be present for up to 4 weeks. Makeup can normally be worn 3 days after treatment. 

After your procedure, you will notice immediate tightening of the skin which will continue to improve over the subsequent months.

Your Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Am I a good candidate for EmbraceRF?

EmbraceRF delivers the FaceTite treatment, which for suitable candidates, is an optimal non-surgical solution for those concerned about moderate to significant skin laxity and/or excess fatty deposits in the lower face and neck – whether caused by ageing, genetics, weight gain or loss, or sun damage – but do not want to undergo more invasive surgery. 

During your consultation, our Senior Cosmetic Doctor will analyse the condition of your skin and extent of skin laxity and listen to your concerns and goals to determine if treatments using the EmbraceRF device is a good option for you.

How many treatments will I need?

In most cases, only one FaceTite or AccuTite treatment is needed. 

If your EmbraceRF treatment plan includes Morpheus8, this will typically require 1-4 treatments, depending on the type of Morpheus8 treatment your Cosmetic Doctor has recommended following your consultation.

What is the downtime and recovery like?

Downtime is typically 3-7 days for FaceTite and AccuTite, with the predominant swelling, bruising and redness subsiding after around 1-2 weeks.  It is normal to experience inflammation, bruising, tightness and tenderness, for up to 4 weeks after your procedure.

How quickly will I see results?

Initial results can be seen after 2-3 months, with optimal results visible from the 6 month mark and can continue to improve for up to 12 months.

How much does FaceTite or AccuTite cost?

Your treatment cost will depend on the location and size of the treatment areas and whether is performed alongside other treatments such as Thread Lifting and/or Morpheus8 or other treatments. FaceTite treatment as a standalone to the brow area starts from $2,900. We will work with you during your consultation to devise your ideal treatment regimen to help you achieve your goals.


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