Eyebrow Aesthetics

An important area to understand when studying an ageing face is the peri-orbital region or the area around the eye. Volume loss commonly seen in this region may be due to a loss in skin texture, a lack of strength and tone in the surrounding muscles, hollowing of fat pads, and also; bone shrinkage which leads to one appearing hollow and/or visually wider in the eye socket area.

In our opinion, rejuvenation to the peri-orbital region calls for an approach that addresses not only under the eye region but also the eyebrow, forehead and the temples, with each of these regions assessed uniquely from patient-to-patient based on their individual structural volume loss.

Dermal Filler Treatment to the Eyebrow

The use of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based soft tissue filler for eyebrows is a fascinating treatment. It is important to understand that volume in the eyebrow region may change over time, and also that adjustment in volume in this region may alter the shape of the brow. It not only makes the brow sit lower than perhaps during one’s more youthful years, but a volume deficit in the brow’s tail end may make the shape of the brow more horizontal – which may in certain circumstances – maybe considered by some, as aesthetically weak.

Volume replacement in the temple region supports the tail of the brow to achieve a lift, but the use of dermal filler in the brow area itself has a direct and beautifying effect in lifting the brow. A suitable and appropriately-selected filler by the treating physician may see the dermal filler carry structural properties with the ability to achieve and maintain a lifting effect for a period of time. The treating physician’s technique may utilise a needle or cannula, but the approach taken towards achieving the known and achievable results from treatment remains the same; whether it be a needle or cannula that is used.

The utilisation of soft tissue dermal filler for the eyebrow region to address volume deficit or to achieve a brow lift comes with its limitations. The eyebrow dermal filler treatment itself remains a treatment that not only requires a sound understanding of the facial aesthetics and knowledge of facial anatomy, but it also demands precision in technique by the treating practitioner, particularly due to the sensitive nature of the area.

Another important aspect to understand with this particular injectable treatment is that soft tissue dermal filler in this region may call for the assistance of wrinkle relaxer or threads in combination with the dermal filler, in order to achieve optimal results. This being said, in the majority of cases we see in our practice, we find that dermal filler alone can prove to be of benefit in the eyebrow region when used alone and not with other treatment options.

In respecting the anatomy and employing safety measures in the injector’s technique, in most circumstances the filler for eyebrow region is used mainly in the outer-half of the eyebrow area. This approach serves to address the shape of the brow and also intentionally avoids the highly vascular region of the inner half of the eyebrow.

We also find that eyelid hooding is an area of aesthetic concern that our patients consult us about. The hoodedness of the upper eyelid is certainly a common cosmetic and aesthetic concern with advancing age. There are many factors involved with this particular area of the face, generally speaking though, most typically it is attributed it to volume loss in the surrounding eye area; and specifically, the loss of skin texture and loss of collagen in the upper eyelid. With this aesthetic concern, it is noted that some cases may in fact require a surgical intervention for the removal of excess skin. However, in some cases the additional support that can be achieved by volumising of the eyebrow region using dermal filler may assist in reducing the hoodedness of the eyelid.

Eyebrow Lift with Dermal Filler (minimally-invasive and non-surgical)

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Results achievable using dermal filler

Results at a glance

Eyebrow Filler Treatment

  • Achieves brow lifting, shaping and overall facial rejuvenation.
  • Addresses volume loss in the peri-orbital region, including the eyebrow area.
  • Lift and sharpen the brow, rather than making it look heavy.
  • May reduce the appearance of a tired or angry expression.
  • May have a direct and beautifying effect in lifting the brow.
  • Soft tissue dermal filler in the eyebrow region may be combined with wrinkle relaxers or threads for optimal results.
  • Treatment may last between 12-18 months.
  • Convenient treatment with minimal downtime.
  • Results are noticeable immediately after treatment.

For dermal filler treatments more generally, refer to our dermal filler guide.

“The human eye uses the eyebrow as an anchor point for the rest of the face. This is why a woman can look truly stunning without any make up but perfectly shaped, full brows.”

~ Anastasia Soare

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many sessions of eyebrow dermal filler treatments are required?

Typically requires one session will suffice. Due to the anatomical and aesthetically sensitive area surrounding the eyebrow, the soft tissue filler treatment may require two sessions, spaced a few weeks apart. This is mainly to achieve an optimal result post the settling down of the filler after the first treatment session.

How long does the eyebrow filler treatment last?

Like other soft tissue filler treatments, the treatment may last between 12-18 months.

Can I still have wrinkle relaxer treatment around the eye area after the eyebrow filler?

Yes. Wrinkle relaxer in conjunction with filler may accentuate or prolong the effect of the eyebrow filler in some cases. But generally speaking, one can keep with their routine anti-wrinkle treatments every 3-4 months.

Can eyebrow filler treatment make the eyebrow look heavy?

No. Contrary to this, use of dermal filler in the eyebrow is commonly targeted at making the eyebrow look lifted and sharper. This does involve a precise technique by an experienced injector, coupled with a suitable choice of filler.

Is there any downtime associated with eyebrow filler treatment?

There is no major downtime associated with dermal filler to the eyebrow. However, the possibility of post treatment swelling and mild bruising is a possible risk and should always be kept in mind when planning for one’s post-treatment activities.

How long does it take for the results of eyebrow dermal filler to be noticeable?

The results are noticed immediately after the eyebrow filler treatment. It is advised that the filler may take a few days to settle down, which is primarily associated with the initial swelling and bruising effect.

Are there any risk factors associated with eyebrow dermal filler treatment?

Eyebrow filler technique is an advanced filler injection that requires appropriate training, experience and a high attention to detail. Our experienced physicians at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine ensure suitability prior to treatment by thoroughly consulting the patient and educating them on the detailed pre and post care aspects, including risk factors. The risk factors associated are explained in detail with take-home information, and in case of any untoward signs and symptoms, our patients have access to the clinical team not only during business hours, but after hours as well.

How much does eyebrow filler treatment cost?

Pricing varies depending on the individual patient’s treatment plan. Per mL pricing is available at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, starting at $650 per mL with a 4mL HA dermal filler package.

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Dermal Filler Price Guide

Volume of Dermal Filler (HA)
Total Cost including GST
1 mL in one [1] treatment session$770 per mL
2-3 mLs in one [1] treatment session$700 per mL
4 mL or more mLs in one [1] treatment session$650 per mL
Any 1 of the following areas: Forehead -OR- A-Frame -OR- Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty$1,100 for 1mL

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