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What is Xanthelasma?

Xanthelasma are small yellowish deposits that appear under the skin on the upper eyelids but can also be found around the lower eyelids and in the outer corners of the eyes. For some, Xanthelasma can be linked to high levels of cholesterol but others simply have a genetic tendency towards it.

How to Treat Xanthelasma

  • Surgery: Depending on the placement of the Xanthelasma, they can be removed with surgery and minimal scarring. If the Xanthelasma is too large, surgery isn’t always possible as it means that too much skin will need to be removed and it won’t always be possible to eliminate scarring either.
  • Radiofrequency: This particular treatment option will leave a small hole where the Xanthelasma used to be but it does heal completely after 7 – 10 days. Radiofrequency treatments have a very low incidence of recurrence and offer excellent results.
  • TCA: Acid can also be used to destroy the Xanthelasma and restore the appearance of the eyelid and general eye area
  • CO2 Laser: This is one of the more popular Xanthelasma treatment options. The laser destroys the cholesterol, leaving a clean base and edge. CO2 Laser also offers a low incidence of recurrence and excellent results. The average CO2 laser session will last anything between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the number of deposits you have.
  • Q-Switched Laser: This laser treatment can also be used to treat Xanthelasma but it doesn’t always offer the same results that the other treatments do
Xanthelasma Consultation

The cost of your Xanthelasma treatment will depend on the number of deposits that need to be removed and how large they are. Booking a Doctor consultation is the first step.


Treatment from $1,800 for 1 smaller-sized lesion; medium to larger lesions are from $2,200. Doctor consultation is $150


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