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While cosmetically enhancing the look of the lips with dermal fillers is nothing new, using wrinkle relaxer injections to create the look of fuller lips is a new approach – and one that is gaining popularity for its subtle, natural-looking results.

The lip flip, named for its ability to “flip” the lip to make more of the upper lip visible, artfully places muscle-relaxing injections into the orbicularis oris muscle just above the upper lip. This helps the top lip relax and roll slightly upwards and outwards. Your upper lip are more visible, look fuller, shapelier and more pronounced. 

A lip flip can also prevent your upper lip from “disappearing” when you smile by relaxing the part of the muscle responsible for lifting the upper lip.

As wrinkle relaxers work by deactivating certain muscles rather than adding volume, if you are seeking more noticeable volume or definition or would like to address both the upper and lower lips, lip filler treatment may be more suitable. In many cases, combining wrinkle-relaxing injections with dermal filler can achieve stunning lip enhancement results.

If you are more concerned with excessive display of gums when you smile (gummy smile), a non-surgical gum lift using wrinkle relaxer injectables may be more appropriate.

We will advise you which treatment, or combination of treatments, will best match your concerns and aesthetic goals.

Key benefits

  • Creates the appearance of a fuller, more shapely upper lip
  • Creates a more prominent pout
  • Prevents your top lip from “disappearing” when you smile
  • Alternative to lip fillers (fuller looking lips without additional volume)
  • Improves a gummy smile
  • Subtle, natural-looking results
  • Fast treatment with minimal discomfort
  • No downtime


The lip flip procedure increases the amount of upper lip that is visible, in turn making your lips look fuller, poutier and more pronounced.

You should start to see the effects of the muscle relaxers 5-7 days after treatment, with full results seen at around two weeks. 

The results of a lip flip generally last around 3-4 months. 


Treatment Details

What to expect

Your Treatment Experience

It is our aim to provide you with the best lip flip experience in Sydney.

After a comprehensive consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors, we will advise whether a lip flip is the most appropriate treatment for your needs and aesthetic goals.

After your consultation, you can proceed straight to your treatment. During the procedure, precise doses of wrinkle relaxer product are injected into the upper lip muscles, in the middle and at the corners.

Only a few injections are required and the procedure takes about 10 minutes in total. You will likely not need any topical numbing cream as there is typically only some mild discomfort.

There is no downtime, although your upper lip may look swollen and red for 2-3 days.

A lip flip is a low-risk procedure, however, like any medical procedure, there are risks and complications when performed by an inexperienced injector. All of our practitioners at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine have a deep knowledge of the musculature and anatomy of the face, and are skilled in the placement and dosage of muscle relaxers to ensure optimal results.

For more information on how wrinkle relaxers work, pricing, plus a list of FAQs, see our Wrinkle Relaxers page.


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