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Intimate rejuvenation and sexual function is one of the fastest-growing areas of women’s health. Childbirth, the ageing process, menopause or simply the genetics you were born with can all affect a woman’s intimate wellness and cause changes to the vagina, which can result in vaginal dryness and laxity, pain during sex, stress urinary incontinence and decreased libido.

Thanks to revolutionary new technologies, women no longer have to resign themselves to unwelcome changes to their most intimate body parts. At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, we offer a range of non-surgical female intimate wellness treatments to help restore and rejuvenate the vulvo-vaginal area, with little downtime and minimal discomfort.

Whether you’re looking to relieve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, improve urinary incontinence, increase sexual sensitivity or simply seeking overall vaginal rejuvenation, there’s never been a better time to take back control of your body and improve both your sexual health and your confidence.


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