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Priapus Shot (P-Shot)

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Using PRP by Cosmetic Doctors

How does it work?

As men get older, their penile tissue ages and the vessels responsible for erection become narrower and less sensitive to stimulation. This can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED), reduced sensitivity and limited control (premature ejaculation). Younger men can also experience the symptoms of erectile dysfunction due to surgery, illness, drug side effects and other medical conditions.

The PRP procedure, using our advanced EmCyte PurePRP II extraction system, uses the body’s natural growth factors and platelets to initiate a healing process to repair and regenerate the penile vessels and tissues. This results in improved blood flow and circulation to the area and subsequently better nerve sensitivity.

P-Shot erectile dysfunction treatment is also commonly used to enhance the results of our PAVILION non-surgical penis enlargement and/or P-Tox 100 procedures.

Our Medical Director, Dr Gavin Scriven together with Dr Jeremy Cumpston, have many years of experience helping patients with erectile dysfunction. There can be a number of contributing factors that can cause this condition, which needs to be considered holistically when developing a treatment plan. As a Cosmetic Physicians, General Practitioners with experience in Urology, Dr Gav and Dr Jeremy have the background and experience and expertise to thoroughly consult with each patient to diagnose and treat based on individualised factors.

Contact us for a discreet consultation, in which we will tailor a treatment plan that is optimally suited to your personal circumstances – we recognise that every patient is different and we are committed to delivering desirable outcomes for each and every client.


What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a natural skin and tissue rejuvenation therapy using your own concentrated blood platelets and bioactive proteins. PRP activates stem cells and releases growth factors, which triggers tissue repair. PRP has been used for decades in wound healing, the treatment of sports injuries and now in aesthetic medicine and genital rejuvenation. It has the same repair and regeneration effects on penile tissue and skin as it does elsewhere on the body.

PRP is autologous, meaning it is found naturally in your body (i.e. your blood). Because of this, PRP poses no risk of allergic reaction, sensitivity or other complication when extracted and re-injected under sterile medical conditions.

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Key benefits

  • Stronger and longer lasting erections
  • Extended sexual performance
  • Increased sensation
  • Enhanced appearance of penile skin
  • May assist with prostate discomfort
  • May assist with urinary incontinence symptoms


The P-Shot using PRP therapy is designed to deliver long-term healthy erectile function and prolonged sexual performance. Our patients typically start noticing the effects 3-4 weeks after PRP treatment, as new tissue regeneration begins. 

Usually one treatment is all that is required and we recommend an annual top-up P-Shot treatment to maintain results. 

Improved erectile function typically lasts 12-15 months. However results from PRP-Shot may vary depending upon your unique circumstances and the underlying reasons for erectile dysfunction. This will be discussed during your confidential Doctor consultation.

Treatment Details

What to expect

Consultation and Treatment Planning

You will first have a consultation with Dr Gav or Dr Jeremy who will assess whether you’re a good candidate for P-Shot treatment with PRP. Suitable candidates can proceed straight to the procedure if they wish. 


The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes and is performed by Dr Gav or Dr Jeremy.

The procedure’s protocol varies depending on the individual patient’s treatment plan (to be determined in a pre-treatment Doctor consultation).

In most typical treatments, a small amount of your blood is taken and then spun in our state-of-the-art Emcyte Pure PRP centrifuge system, which separates the platelets and plasma from the rest of the blood. The platelets are isolated and then injected back into the body wherever their benefits are needed. 

Instructions will be provided for topical numbing (cream), will you will apply to your penis so you should not feel any discomfort during your procedure.

Downtime and Recovery

There is no downtime or any time off work required and you can drive home straight after your procedure. We do however advise patients to refrain from sexuality activity for 3 days and follow our post-care instructions carefully.

Your Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are there any side effects?

As PRP uses your body’s own resources, P-Shot treatment poses no risk of allergic reaction, sensitivity or other complication when extracted and re-injected under sterile medical conditions. Any side effects are typically minor and may include bleeding, bruising, swelling and, very rarely infection.

Patients who have tried the PRP procedures have reported no lasting side effects and are generally very pleased with the results. 

When can I resume sexual activity after P-Shot?

We recommend abstaining from sexual activity for 3 days after your P-Shot procedure.

How much does P-Shot cost?

The cost of P-Shot PRP for erectile dysfunction is 1,900 for 1 treatment session.

For additional information about platelet rich plasma and more FAQs, see our PRP page and/or about our P-Tox 100 treatment protocol.


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