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Dr Toshi believes that every face is beautiful and cosmetic medicine is all about enhancing the positive vectors and addressing the negative ones in a face. He likes to combine:

  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Soft Tissue Fillers
  • Bio-Stimulating Volumisers
  • Collagen Stimulating Threads
  • Thread Lifting, using Long-Lifting Threads and PDO Collagen Stimulating Threads
  • Energy-Based Devices

Dr Toshi uses multiple modalities to come up with the perfect ongoing plan on individual bases. Dr Toshi is aware of the recent boom in self -awareness in the light of digital visual documentation and loves to work in close collaboration with social media influencers to understand the needs of looking their best.

Dr Toshi is an emerging physician in the field of Cannabis Medicine. He maintains a keen interest in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and remains focused on integrating this natural compound in the holistic approach towards helping his patients achieve a better quality of life. Dr Toshi likes to work closely with individual patients and develop personalised treatment plans that address their unique wellbeing needs.

As an authorised prescriber of medicinal cannabis, Dr Toshi is an active member of a number of global cannabis medicine research communities and is passionate about staying up to date with the latest advances and guidelines in the safe and ethical practice of cannabis medicine.

On a personal front, Dr Toshi has a keen heart for teaching and training.

Dr Toshi believes that in sharing his knowledge and experience, he himself learns more. He understands the complex structure and challenges faced by new Injectors in the industry and prepares his trainees, so they are not just well equipped with the clinical skill but also how to keep improving and evolving as a cosmetic practitioner. He is currently working in collaboration with Dr Ben Chan and Dr Gav Scriven to deliver one of Australia’s pioneer and concise cosmetic Injectables training program.

Dr Toshi has a flare for performing arts. Having a solid base of acting and theatre as a subject in high school, he understands the fine details of production and likes to spend his spare time enjoying world cinema, theatre and live musical performances. He has an eye for the dynamic evolution in the media and encourages quality content creation. He supports young artists to express themselves freely as he believes that an artist’s expression is the soul of a society. Dr Toshi likes to work in close collaboration with actors and performers to establish plans for their ongoing current or future projects and deliver results with minimally invasive procedures. His focus remains on enhancing their screen or stage presence with a strict detail to not affect the continuity and expression.

Dr Toshi considers himself a family man and loves to walk the sunrise on the beach with his three-year old daughter with whom he also shares a love for books.

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