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Importance of the assessment and consultation

When choosing an individual treatment plan or series of treatments depending on the individual patient, we always begin with an in-depth consultation to ascertain medical history to ensure we are performing the optimal treatment to address one’s primary concerns.

During the pre-treatment consultation and preparation, we will also discuss your skincare routine and provide you with a skin preparation protocol with view to ultimately achieve delicious-looking skin!

Most of these treatments require an element of down time – so during your consultation this is the best time to discuss any potential time needed off work or social activities, depending on the intensity of your chosen treatment.

Some initial considerations

Primarily, we choose to perform advanced skin treatments during seasons of minimal sun exposure, due to the significant risks they present to the skin if exposed while in a hyper photo-sensitive state.

At a glance, when the skin has undergone a controlled injury for corrective or aesthetic rejuvenating purposes, the skin’s barrier is vulnerable to the elements during the healing process, especially when exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) light.

If strict UV preparation and after-care direction is not adhered to, patients run the risk of permanently damaging their skin – by way of hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, burning, infection, and/or scarring.

So how do we defend our skin before and after these brilliant treatments?

The top-level answer is to Slip, Slop, Slap!!! We cannot put enough emphasis on the commitment required to your skin prior to undergoing these treatments!

We implore all our patients to use daily SPF, and if you are spending time outdoors then you must re-apply every 2-hours or as directed by your SPF provider. We typically recommend 50+ SPF or Zinc-based products, and if you are out and about, pop on a wide brimmed hat for an added layer of protection and utter sheik style – of course!

A range of sun protection SPF products are available at our online store Pavilion Skin Boutique | Online Store.

We love these skin treatments so much, and we understand that they really pack a punch in delivering results and the endless summer glow that we are all chasing! So – with this being said – to really invigorate and enhance your skin’s resilience, we often commence our clients on a Vitamin A based product before commencing such skin treatments.

Specifically this is to enhance the skin barrier function, resilience, and overall integrity. Not only does Vitamin A enhance barrier function and cell renewal, it also aids in the building of the skin’s health functionality, thereby ultimately healing the skin barrier more effectively post treatment.

The Vitamin A market is serious business; like a black market for an eternal glow. With everyone riding on the wave of this fabulous ingredient, choosing a product carefully and wisely is a must!

Please be sure to have a chat with our team or a trusted health professional. Not only does the quality of the ingredients matter greatly, the appropriate application of the product is vital too in order to avoid irritation and unwanted reactions.

Any seasoned Vitamin A engager is aware of the risks associated with Vitamin A and sun exposure, although for our newcomers, adequate SPF coverage is ESSENTIAL on a daily basis.


  • It is the perfect time of year to book your advanced skin treatment consultation to choose and plan for your upcoming treatment.
  • If you aren’t already, please get committed to all things sun protection.
  • Let’s have a discussion about Vitamin A and how we can achieve the most luminous skin.
  • Stay educated and in-tune with your personal skin and healthcare need!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of The Skin Series. I look forward to planning your future skin health very soon!


Lucy Davis [EEN], Clinical Manager at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine

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