The importance of cross-linking in the selection of filler products

Skin boosters or hydrators are dermal fillers that are primarily composed of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). The level of cross-linking within these filler types is minimal to none. Consequently, the consistency of the filler transforms into a soft, non-structural substance, yielding a physiological impact as opposed to a mechanical one. In other words, skin boosters improve skin quality and texture through increased hydration and elasticity, but they do not change the shape of your face.

The extent of cross-linking among the HA molecules plays a crucial role in selecting the appropriate filler for distinct facial regions to attain desired outcomes. The degree of cross-linking, or the cohesion of HA molecules, significantly influences the product’s characteristics.

Generally speaking, the more cross-linking in a HA dermal filler may result in a firmer and more structurally supportive product. Conversely, a filler with limited cross-linking exhibits greater softness – and as such – it carries diminished structural attributes. This property of cross linking of the HA molecules permits its choice of application in areas such as temples, cheeks, jawline, lips, and the under-eye region.

In the case of bio-remodellers, the product is characterised by a fusion of the high and low HA molecular weight rather than cross-linking. This fusion in the bio-remodeller product culminates in a gel-like substance that integrates well into the skin by delivering advanced hydration, particularly to the epidermal layer.

The suppleness of the filler selected by one’s treating registered cosmetic practitioner determines its suitability for various depths within the individual’s facial structure. Notably, the softest HA-based fillers can be administered into the most superficial layers of the skin. This approach not only mitigates the risk of unevenness or lumpiness, but also capitalises on the HA product’s hydrophilic nature. This property aids in drawing and retaining moisture, thereby creating the illusion of natural internal moisturisation.

About Bio-Remodelling Treatment

What is Bio-remodelling treatment?

The Bio-remodelling injectable treatment represents a meticulously devised and clinically validated two-step protocol, engineered to achieve optimal effectiveness and patient comfort. This bio-remodelling procedure requires a strategic administration of injections at ten distinct points, spanning the broadest facial regions and employing sub-dermal patterns to yield consistently uniform outcomes.

Of significance, some bio-remodelling injectables differ from the standard by not utilising BDDE (1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether), which is a cross-linking agent commonly employed to confer firmness to HA molecules, as mentioned earlier. Moreover, some products boast an exceptional concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, reaching a remarkable 64 mg/2mL.

The outcome of this innovative approach with Bio-remodelling injectables is characterised by a comprehensive enhancement in skin quality, including heightened firmness, elasticity, and radiance, facilitated by profound hydration. This outcome can be achieved without the risks of unevenness, lumpiness and unwanted changes in facial shape.

Why are Bio-remodellers worth considering?

The treatment is given the name ‘bio-remodelling’, due to its dual capacity to both plump the skin with Hyaluronic Acid’s distinctive hydrating traits and the generation of dermal collagen.

In essence, this treatment not only elevates hydration and skin vitality, but also effectively reshapes and revitalises the ageing and sagging tissues, making it a sound treatment option worth considering within the domain of bio-remodelling.

The transformative effects of bio-remodelling treatment extend beyond singular facial improvements, to addressing concerns like neck skin crepiness and a lacklustre appearance. Subject to a cosmetic practitioner’s experience and assessment prior to performing treatment, the Bio-remodelling Injectable treatment stands as a potent solution capable of restoring a radiant complexion, improving skin texture on areas like the face and neck, or revitalising the skin on the hands.

What does the Bio-remodelling treatment involve?

The bio-remodelling procedure consists of a dual-phase approach. This includes multiple strategically placed injections combined with an advanced injection technique to the sub-dermal plane, allowing the filler to spread throughout the desired treatment area. This approach can be applied to either the face, neck and/or hands.

With Bio-stimulating injectables, at a minimum, we typically recommend two separate treatment sessions at four-week intervals.

Amplifying the potency and extending the duration of the treatment’s effects can be achieved through the incorporation of a third session, which is scheduled at an eight-week interval. To ensure sustained results, it is advisable to consider maintenance sessions every six months, or as deemed necessary.

Multi-modal treatments to optimise cosmetic results

Importantly, the Bio-remodelling Injectable treatment seamlessly complements a range of other therapeutic modalities. This innovative protocol seamlessly harmonises with a mult-modal approach; utilising a mix of Laser / Light Therapy, Soft Tissue augmentation using Dermal Fillers, Anti-Wrinkle treatments, and regular medical-grade facials.

Consequently, patients may consider leveraging the benefits of Bio-stimulating therapy alongside other interventions, enabling a comprehensive and synergistic approach to skin rejuvenation and aesthetic enhancement.

The BAP technique with new Bio-remodelling Injectables

Notably, the pioneering approach, termed the Bioaesthetic point (BAP) technique, significantly reduces the potential occurrence of adverse outcomes such as bruising, erythema, and irritation. This BAP method facilitates the attainment of a naturally comprehensive enhancement in skin firmness, elasticity, and radiance, primarily characterised by profound moisturisation.

The foundation of the BAP technique rests on the precise identification of five strategic points on each facial hemisphere. These demarcated points are strategically positioned within both the malar and submalar regions.

The distinctive nature of the bio-remodeling product showcases an inherent ability to uniformly disperse across these defined injection sites. This characteristic translates into a reduced number of injection points, thereby minimising the likelihood of undesirable repercussions such as bruises. This innovative approach ensures patient well-being with minimised downtime, and adherence of these protocols, serves to underscore our patient-centric ethos which is part of our core philosophy at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine.

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Bio-remodeller Injectable treatments be used for Under the eye region for crepey skin?

The Bioremodelling injectable treatment is not intended for application around the delicate eye area. This is due to its high water-attracting (hydrophilic) nature, which contrasts with the preferences for this specific region.

In the periorbital zone, where the skin around the eyes is particularly intricate in its anatomy, alternate specialised products are required. This area typically benefits from skin booster treatments that possess hydrophilic properties, which are distinct from those found in Bio-remodelling injectables.

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What other areas can the Bio-remodelling Injectable treatment not used?

Bio-remodelling treatment is not suitable for the Temples, Forehead, Nose or Lips.

Other treatment options include dermal fillers, radio-frequency assisted treatments such as FaceTite or AccuTite, Morpheus8, Forma, medi-facials or chemical peels.

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How many sessions of Bio-remodeller treatment are typically required to achieve the desired results?

While a single session of Bio-remodelling injectables may be considered a comprehensive treatment on its own, to fully capitalise on the benefits of the bio-remodelling process, it is typically recommended and supported by empirical evidence to undergo a minimum of two sessions.

These Bio-remodelling injectable treatment sessions are ideally spaced four weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

Can one have more than two sessions of Bio-remodelling Injectable treatment?

To further optimise the Bio-remodeller treatment’s effectiveness and to mitigate the risk of excessive intervention, a regimen consisting of two sessions is advised. Following these initial sessions, a supplementary treatment may be considered after a span of 4 to 6 months, contingent upon an evaluation by your Registered Cosmetic Physician.

Should there be a desire for ongoing maintenance, periodic treatments at 6-month intervals can be advantageous. It is noteworthy that booster treatments are single-session procedures.

Can Bio-remodelling Injectable treatment help to improve the appearance of acne scars?

While the plumping impact of bio-remodelling injectable treatments yields a comprehensive skin rejuvenation effect that might mitigate the apparent prominence of mild acne scars, it is important to note that this outcome primarily arises from the hydrating effects of the bio-remodelling treatment.

Acne scars, characterised by intricate dermal irregularities, result from persistent inflammatory reactions, and these typically necessitate potent and invasive procedures to elevate the scar base.

Read more about Acne Scarring treatments.

Can someone with active acne breakout have the bio-remodelling injectable treatments?

Engaging in injectable cosmetic treatments in the presence of acute inflammation or infection, including instances of acne breakout, is not advised. Such conditions render the skin vulnerable to pathogenic microorganisms, and the administration of injectables could potentially exacerbate the dissemination of the infection.

Moreover, a more concerning scenario unfolds where a superficial infection becomes entrenched at a deeper level due to the introduction of products, thereby facilitating the propagation of infection to deeper anatomical structures. The prudent course of action involves deferring cosmetic injectable treatments until the skin has fully healed or the acute phase of acne breakout has subsided.

At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, our medical professionals rigorously assess the patient’s skin suitability for such treatments prior to entering into treatment.

Is there any downtime associated with Bio-remodelling treatment?

The Bio-remodelling injectable treatment carries minimal downtime. Like various other injectable procedures, there might be occasional instances of bruising, which could persist for a few days. Swelling at the injection sites typically subsides within 24 hours if present.

Is Bio-remodelling treatment painful?

The Bio-remodelling treatment is well-tolerated by many of our patients. At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, our Cosmetic Doctors implement comprehensive strategies to enhance the comfort of the treatment experience.

Various methods, such as the utilisation of nitrous oxide (happy gas) and the application of topical numbing agents, are employed to optimise patient comfort levels.

How long after the Bio-remodelling treatment can one exercise or do strenuous physical activity?

It is recommended for the patient who has undergone Bio-remodelling treatment to refrain from engaging in exercise or strenuous physical activities for a period of up to 48 hours following the treatment.

This precaution serves to minimise potential post-treatment complications, such as infection or prolonged bruising. In the unusual circumstance where swelling or bruising persists beyond the initial 48 hours, it is advisable to continue avoiding exercise until these effects have subsided.

How much does the Bio-remodelling treatment cost?

Bio-remodelling treatment starts at $870 per treatment session.

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