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In your Doctor consultation, Dr Gavin Scriven will show you Before and After photos of our non-surgical penis filler treatments, along with pictures depicting penis enlargement results and what penile increases can be achieved for both erect and flaccid penis states. Before and after penis enlargement photos also include penile enlargements using dermal filler on both circumcised and uncircumcised penises.

PAVILION Penis Enlargement Procedure (which we call “PEP”), is a non-surgical penile treatment using the highest quality TGA approved dermal filler and our before and after photos of our clients portray penis enlargement results you can expect from treatment with Dr Gavin Scriven at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine in Crows Nest, Sydney Australia.

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“PENIS FILLER” PENIS ENLARGEMENT – non surgical and safe with the right practitioner

Our PAVILION Penis Enlargement Procedure is performed by Dr Gavin Scriven at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine in Crows Nest, Sydney Australia. PEP is a low-risk alternative to penile enlargement surgery.

First step in the process is to book your FREE Doctor consultation with Dr Gavin Scriven (who is also known as “Dr Gav”). Dr Gav is one of Australia’s most experienced non-surgical phalloplasty Doctors.

In your one-on-one consultation Dr Gav will explain the PEP Penis Enlargement Procedure, discuss your concerns and expectations for penis enlargement. With Dr Gav you will have a relaxed conversation about likely outcomes he can achieve for you in light of your personal goals. We call this consult the “PEP talk”.

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  • Non surgical penis augmentation using dermal filler, performed by Australia’s most experienced Doctor in penis augmentation – who has been performing this procedure for over 6 years and has completed over a thousand procedures.
  • Increase penis width significantly for both flaccid and erect – by up to 1-inch or more.
  • Increasing penis length is possible for the soft/flaccid penis state.
  • Immediate penis enlargement results that lasts up to 2 years and longer.
  • Quick penis enlargement procedure, no pain, no downtime.
  • Incredibly happy patients continue to return because they love the results.
  • PAVILION Penis Enlargement Procedure (PEP) is well known in Australia, which has been performed nationally by Dr Gavin Scriven.
  • Dr Gavin Scriven has been involved in clinical studies with Curtin University.
  • This procedure has been featured in Men’s Health, GQ, ABC, The Project, Maxim and other familiar mast heads.

The penis size achieved in your penis enlargement treatment depends on how much dermal filler is used in your treatment. Dr Gav will give you realistic expectations on the penis enlargement results you can achieve in consultation with you, and to add to this Dr Gav will show you penis enlargement before and after photos of results you can achieve using different penis dermal filler volumes.

Using Dr Gav’s advanced non-surgical penis filler techniques you will achieve noticeable penis enlargement outcomes to give you more penis size and more confidence.

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Treatment prices start from $4,550; with price varying based on the product type and product volume used by Dr Gavin Scriven. A Doctor consultation is required as the first step. To book your consult a one-time $50 fee applies to secure your consult booking, which is fully refundable after you attend your appointment. Alternatively, your $50 booking fee can be used as credit toward the price of treatment if you decide to proceed.

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