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Transcript – Episode 1

DATE: November 18, 2020

DURATION: 23m 15s



[00:00:02] Dr. Gavin Scriven 

Hi everybody, I’m Dr. Gavin Scriven, people call me Dr. Gav, and with me is the founder of the non-surgical penis augmentation procedure we call Calibre, Dr. Jayson Oates.


Thanks Dr. Gav, and together we are the dick doctors and we are going to be talking about all things penis. Our area of expertise is injectable penis augmentation. There’s a lot to talk about penises and together myself and Dr. Gavin will be doing that. Well, welcome back to the penis show, I’m Dr. Jayson and with me is Dr. Gavin and together with the dick doctors. And we’re here to talk about Calibre and the ideal penis for penis augmentation. How are you Dr. Gav?


I am very well, thank you, Dr. Jayson. Yeah, thanks for having me again. And great to be here to talk about the Calibre procedure. And we’ve got we’ve got a good topic today to talk about. Really interesting one again and a question that we get asked all the time. One of my patients today asked me what who’s the ideal candidate for this procedure? Am I the right candidate? So is there an ideal candidate for the Calibre procedure? That’s our question for today.


So I guess to make it really simple for guys, I’d say there are five sort of characteristics that I think about when I’m thinking of the ideal penis for Calibre procedure. And that’s basically being of normal size, being circumcised, not being too much of a shrinker, maybe having a bigger head than the shaft and then not being overweight. So those are the five things that when I’m looking at a guy I’m thinking how good are they as a candidate for the Calibre procedure.


Ok, OK, great. And let’s so that’s really interesting and I’d have to say the same. So let’s break it down and go back to those five things and talk about why do they matter those things for the procedure. It was the first I think one of the first things no normal size.


You’ll find exactly the same as me that the vast majority of the guys that you treat have a normal sized penis.


Oh, yeah. Which is always a shock, I think to the patient sitting in front of me. I think they expect for some reason they’re not going around comparing the penis size with any other males. That’s probably the first reason why. But they just expect that they’re somehow smaller or not average. And I tend to objectively look at the penis and measure it and tell them, no, you are pretty much the average size.


I’m surprised how many of the guys that I see are just that little bit above average. When we look at the best studies that were done out of Kings College by Professor David Bill, and he looked at fifteen thousand men’s penises in these studies and looked at what the the averages are. You know, he didn’t like the term average. He he he liked having a graph showing the distribution, but it’s too hard to show. But yeah, most guys have an average sized penis.




What Calibre isn’t for is for a medical condition called micro penis and a micro penis is when the scientific sort of

definition is more than two standard deviations below the length of an average erect penis, which is about five and a half inches long. And that usually length is what we’re looking at, basically being less than seven and a half centimeters long erect, but really isn’t for those guys. That is the time to see urologist and look at options for surgical augmentation.


Yeah, and and that’s obviously quite a rare condition. It’s not not exactly a common condition. There may be other factors influencing that that outcome. So it may not be in isolation is what I’m trying to say. Yeah. So, yeah.


And that’s I can’t say I really see honestly many people coming with that condition a micro penis and thinking back in the last five years.


Yeah. I don’t think I’ve seen somebody who really makes that definition of micro penis. I’ve seen guys with smaller ones and I’ve seen some guys with bigger ones.


And falling within the normal range, as you say.


Yeah, yeah. That sort of bell curve that we describe in the vast majority of the guys are in that sort of middle. And I guess the useful thing for guys is, if your penis is really on that slightly smaller side, then you don’t need actually as many mils of product to make a noticeable difference as a guy who perhaps does have a bigger penis. So you’ve got that working in your favour. So size is the first thing. But of course, that’s why they’re coming in, because they’re concerned about the size.


Correct yes. But I guess what we’re just trying to say is there’s a condition out there known as the micro penis, which is a more of a medical condition that needs to be addressed with other other means, but not something that we typically say anyway.


So the second thing is, is being circumcised. And yeah. And I’m sure you’re finding the same as me that, you know, technically it’s somewhat simpler, quicker, easier to augment a circumcised penis than than somebody who’s got a normal foreskin.


Yes, I agree. That doesn’t mean to say that we we can’t augment nonsurgical a penis that is uncircumcised. It’s still very possible. And still, you can end up with a good outcome, a good aesthetic outcome. But it is a little bit trickier because we are taking into account a plane that’s continuous with the foreskin.


Yes and what you don’t want you don’t want the product sort of ending up in the foreskin. I say to the guys who don’t want to have a cricket ball in a sock, sort of effect.


That’s a good visual, I need to start using that one myself. But yes, I often like to draw in my consults and I draw an example of a bulging filler in the foreskin and that’s a risk of guys who come in who are uncircumcised, that if the product is to be placed too far distally, it can end up in the foreskin, which often isn’t that much of a problem when it’s erect. But when it’s flaccid, the foreskin sits often just over the penis. And if you’re going to the bathroom and you have difficulty retracting the foreskin because there’s a lot of filler in the foreskin, you can have trouble passing urine. Aesthetically when it’s flaccid and there’s a lot of filler in the foreskin, it may not be as pleasing. It’s not a very bad situation from a medical point of view, but aesthetically, it may not be that pleasing.


Yeah, yeah. You’re saying we have ways of putting the product into trying to avoid that as a circumstance. And the other thing with a penis, it’s got a foreskin on it, you can have the flaccid penis with the foreskin sort of over the over the head of the glands. And generally, it’s pretty easy to get the penis to look good in that condition. The penis is erect, stretches it all out, and generally it’s without experience, you can get a penis looking good when it’s erect, it’s when it’s flaccid and they retract the foreskin. So you’ve got some skin which doesn’t really have product in it, and you’ve got the lowest skin which does have product in it. That’s when it’s the hardest to get that looking really good and really natural. It’s just what you have to accept if you want to have a penis, which is an inch bigger in girth.


Correct, that’s right. There are some things you have to accept and where it’s looking good 90 percent of the time in very particular situations, it may not look as good, doesn’t cause any problems from a functionality point of view, but just may not be as aesthetically perfect as they would imagine.


And of course, nowadays the vast majority of our younger patients are uncircumcised and the older guys are more likely to be circumcised. So so now we’re dealing with lots of guys who who just have their natural foreskin. And that’s just part of the job, I guess. And even being circumcised, there are issues with there as well, because in circumcision there’s a scar and it’s not just a scar on the surface, but the scar attaches deep down and has fibrous sort of bands that go down deep. And that’s obviously where we’re placing the product. And so the scar, the circumcision scar can be closer up to the head to the glands or can be lower down. I’ve seen it all the way down in the middle of the shaft. And then I’ve got that very thin skin that sort of between the circumcision scar and the glands. And it’s much harder to get that nice smooth. And if you just want, you just want the product going from that really thick shaft and blending in towards the head and, you know, it just takes a little bit more effort. So even with a circumcised penis, there are technical issues that you’ve got to work with. Yeah, on Monday, I had a guy who came back and he just had a little bulge on one side past the circumcision scar. He’d had a product on the usual product that we use, which is a hyaluronic acid filler and I used a medication called Highlight’s that obviously you’re very familiar with and two little dots of that. And then I spoke to him on Wednesday, smoothed it all out. It’s all fine. So that is the advantage of using that kind of product.


Yeah. And look, at the end of the day where it’s a it’s not a surgical procedure, we can make adjustments because of surgical procedure. There’s not much downtime. And I tell all of my clients that they probably will be doing the procedure over a couple of different treatment sessions for this reason, whether you’re circumcised or uncircumcised, so that we can make minor adjustments to get that really nice symmetry that you’re after. And and that works really nicely. And funnily enough, I saw a guy who was uncircumcised just last week, and he had one of the best symmetrical outcomes I’ve seen after one treatment session. We happened to get hit the perfect plane and did the perfect amount of filler with the nice gradient and both it was flaccid and erect and he showed me and we’ll talk about it in probably some later penis shows about the aftercare and how you can really get that that perfect symmetrical outcome with some good techniques. But but yeah, so there’s no, even though theoretically defined space, a circumcised penis is much easier for us, we can still get a good outcome over a couple of different treatment sessions.


Yeah. Yeah. So that’s the second thing. The third thing is having a bigger glands than the shaft. So if the shaft is thinner and then the head of the penis is bigger, sometimes like that they describe it as being like a mushroom, sort of like the mushroom, the mushroom cap. Yeah. That’s an advantage as well because you get the best bang for your buck, so to speak, by putting that into the shaft of the penis. And when you thicken that chopped up and it then matches the the bigger glands, that works really well.


Yeah. I mean, it’s important, I talk to all of my guys about the aesthetic approach to that exactly. But also the functional aspect, which is when it’s erect, we’re having sex with a penis, the head being a little bit larger, makes way for the rest of the penis. So you don’t want a situation where the head is very small, making way for a much larger shaft, and then you getting stuck a little bit with the shaft when you’re having sex. So it actually matters both as aesthetically and functionally.


Yeah, yeah. And it is possible, obviously, to put filler into the into the glands as well. Yep. Um, but it just you don’t get that bang for your buck as much, you put five mils into a shaft and you’re getting it’s really noticeable difference and you’re putting five mils into the glands which you think is so much smaller and you think, well, that’s going to make a huge difference and then it only makes a more moderate sort of difference.


And that’s sure to do with the spongy erectile tissue that the glands is made of. And they see it more, I guess when they’re erect then when it’s flaccid.


Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, yeah I often say it’s in the name, the corpus spongiosum, it’s a sponge. It takes up a lot of filler and doesn’t expand like the shaft does. But as you said, having said that, we can augment the glands, especially around the the part that mushrooms up the current of water that seems to augment quite nicely, often like the border of the lips in the face. Yeah, not not your standard comparison that people usually make. But but for injector doctors, I’m sure they understand that it’s easy to augment that that sort of edge, that border, if you like. Yeah. Yeah.


I mean, course you get the problem. You put in 15 mils into a guy’s penis and he’s got a one inch, maybe three, maybe four centimeters increase in circumference. And they love it. And they come back and want like another ten mils and they want the biggest you know, they want to get six inch circumference, seven inch circumference. And

yes, it’s doable and I’ve done it. But eventually you start getting that shaft, which is much fatter than the head and it looks like a sausage in a bun, a hot dog sort of thing, and some guys are totally happy with that because they’ve got the thickest shaft around them. Aesthetically, it doesn’t look as nice. It doesn’t look as natural.


Yeah, exactly right. It doesn’t look as natural. It’s really interesting how some guys I find a really happy with that massive increase in size and there are other guys who come back and are worried about the increase in size. They didn’t realise how effective it would be. And the thinking, gosh, I don’t like this is as big as I want it. I don’t want it any bigger. Yeah, it’s really interesting how different how different all the guys are in their responses.


Yeah. Yeah. Like I said, the fourth thing about like the ideal penis for augmentation is shrinkage and obviously shrinkage is a reason why guys come to see us because your guy looks at his penis and shrunk shrunk up to have all kinds of names for it, turtling. I think shrinkage is the easiest. Some guys are showers, It just hangs out and it doesn’t matter if they’re jumping into a freezing cold pool, It just doesn’t shrink up. And other people, as soon as the thought that this is going to be on show, they’re going swimming, it just wants to shrink up. And how many guys have said to you it’s normally a lot bigger than this when they show you for the first time? 90 percent of guys I tell you, as soon as they have to drop their pants and it shrinks up. So too much shrinkage is an issue because it can fold the penis and fold the product. In those early few days, nearly a week or so when the product is is sitting in the tissue of the skin. So the straighter the penis is, the less folds and bones in it, the easier it is to keep it straight. And guys, you get a lot of shrinkage that can be more of an issue. And I’m sure you’re finding the same sort of thing.


Yeah, definitely. Look, I mean, there’s always going to be a certain amount of shrinkage that almost every guy has in different situations and some guys have worse shrinkage than others. There are ways we can get around it a little bit. I know that you and I both use the same type of medication to actually help relax the penis and help it stay out a little bit more.


Well, I reckon we’ll come back and do a specific show just on on something like this. But yeah, this idea that there is a medication that makes your penis bigger, it doesn’t really make your penis bigger, but induces shrinkage a bit useful and does that and bandaging certain kinds of bandaging that you can use that can help just hold it out a little bit and shrinkage and then only sleep. And then we’ll talk about this, as you say, in aftercare, doing massage and stuff that you can just help make sure that the product is sitting where it needs to be. Yeah. And then you get some guys who’ve got really severe shrinkage when they come to show you and there’s like an inny not an outey, like a belly button sort of thing. Calibre isn’t for those guys. I’ve tried it on a guy who’s got that literally just like nothing showing, and it’s just the product is not strong enough to hold it out, having the weight of the product in most guys penis actually does help it hold out the weight of it, that that gel not wanting to shrink back in.


They become somewhat of a Shower all of a sudden.


If you’ve got hardcore shrinkage, not enough.


And that sort of leads us to that final point, which was the, you know, someone with a lot of extra weight, especially just above the penis in the super pubic area.


Yeah, yeah. So being overweight, I say that for 10 kilos, you lose half an inch of penis length.


That being a lot more of the weight loss products then, that that not that I think would knock off a few more kilos.


I had a guy come and see me and I said before we do anything to your penis, you need to lose thirty kilos. You know, it’s no point having had a penis under this massive gut, you’re just not going to see it. It’s not going to do the job. The guy that I saw this morning, actually a really thin guy and you wouldn’t have thought, but just that what we call that super pubic fat pad, that really sort of where the pubic hair is below the belt line so really low down, when you push that in, his penis like grew an inch. Yes we can put filler into your into your penis, we can do an augmentation. But I think before we do that, if we did some liposuction here or using one of the other technologies, freezing or whatever, if we can get that fat to just come in a little bit, you can see a big difference. So, yeah, that’s sometimes a useful technique.


And and just add to that Jayson, with the guys I see who have that super pubic fat pad, the guys are a little bit more

overweight, Where the penis does tend to shrink into the fat, I explained to them that if we do the procedure and the filler and I even if I use something to induce an artificial sort of an erection, such as caverject, for example, then just after the procedure, when that erection goes down, the penis shrinks back into the fat and pushes the product forward. And I have seen this a few times in the past, having learnt from from previous procedures, is that you’ll get the bell shaped penis, which is not ideal. And that’s because the product has been pushed forward by the fat, literally pushed forward. So it’s not ideal. Again, there are some workarounds that we can try and, you know, work around it. But it’s not it’s not easy.


Yeah. Look, there is never anything wrong with losing weight, you know, makes your penis look bigger, it makes it function better, it makes you more attractive. So everything about losing weight, getting fitter is better. And if you if it’s about a confidence thing, then you’re going to feel more confident if you’re fit and have a bigger penis.


Yeah, definitely. And, you know, these these are really great points about who’s the ideal Calibre candidate, but obviously in real life and you know as well as I do, we don’t say the ideal Calibre candidate walk through the door. So, you know, we are able to and there are different variations and things, we’re able to work around and usually get a pretty good outcome. But you guys just need to be aware of these factors that influence this procedure, you know, the small limitations of the procedure. But I guess with a lot of experience, having injected hundreds, if not thousands of penises, you begin to learn how to take these factors into account, explain to the patient how, how, how it will affect the outcome and what we can do to get a better outcome.


Yeah, that that’s what the penis show is all about, is to be able to put this information out there, to help guys know a bit more about it, because otherwise you never get to discuss it, not seriously either, occasionally guys will be sitting around drinking and having a laugh. But, you know, it’s so rare for guys to be able to talk about this sort of thing.


Well, thanks for listening to us guys, I’m Dr. Gav and with me, I’ve been speaking with Dr. Jayson, the founder of the Non-surgical Penis Augmentation Procedure Calibre and we’ll be talking about lots more interesting topics coming up over the next few weeks on a weekly basis, all about penises in the penis show, we’re the dick doctors, don’t forget confidence changes everything.


Confidence changes everything. Look forward to talking to you guys soon.

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