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Transcript – Episode 4

DATE: December 3, 2020

DURATION: 15m 43s




Hi everybody, I’m Dr. Gavin Scriven, people call me Dr. Gav, and with me is the founder of the non-surgical penis augmentation procedure we call Calibre, Dr. Jayson Oates.


Thanks Dr. Gav, and together we are the dick doctors and we are going to be talking about all things penis. Our area of expertise is injectable penis augmentation. There’s a lot to talk about penises and together myself and Dr. Gavin will be doing that.


G’day Dr. Jayson, thanks for talking with me today again on the penis show, we’re the dicks doctors, I’m Dr. Gav. Today we have a great topic, hopefully not a lengthy topic, excuse the pun. We’ll try and keep this one short, but it’s about the complete opposite of short, really. It’s about what guys are asking us all the time. And they think it’s the Holy Grail, and is it? I don’t know, is length the Holy Grail, DR. Jayson?


I had someone tell me that long and thin get you in, but short and thick does the trick and length is what the first thing that some people see, and it gives that sort of impression of of a bigger penis.


And certainly if I had the choice between having a seven inch long penis and a three inch long penis, I’d want a seven inch long penis. But I think as far as partner satisfaction goes, that studies seem to bear out that girth, circumference is more important than than length per se.


Yeah, yeah, I’d have to agree and from everything I’ve read, but having said that, guys are very fixated on length and believe that it is what is the most important thing when it comes to being self-confidence one and two, that they think that that is what matters in terms of what their partner wants.


Yeah, yeah. So guys are always asking us and we obviously having to explain to them that Calibre is an injectable girth treatment for augmenting the width of the penis, it doesn’t give you length, certainly doesn’t give you a erect length. Some guys find that they’re flaccid. Length is better just because it’s heavier and it hangs a bit more. Maybe it’s because they just feeling more confident and they become more of a show than than a grower. But we need to be very clear to guys, Calibre is for making it fatter, not not longer. So people have been trying to increase the length of their penis for thousands of years, they’ve been records back sort of in the Middle East of this exercise technique known as Jelqing that’s stretching the penis, and you know it got obviously thousands of years of experience and they warm up with towels, they wrap it up, there’s various manoeuvres of stretching it one way and the other way and up and down and holding it and then milking it and. In the medical literature, it all says it doesn’t work, but when you get online and you start talking to people who have been doing it and the online resource, here is a forum called Thunder’s Place. Lots of guys there, lots of guys have been doing it for a long time. And it can work, I think it can for some guys, it’ll create an increase in length and maybe even an increase in girth because you don’t want it to be twice as long and half as thick. So I think it can, but it takes a lot of dedication. I’d love to be able to run a marathon. I just can’t because I don’t put in the effort and I’m not that fit. So that’s the limitation with with Jelqing . And everybody’s familiar with things like pump devices. Austin Powers, I guess, had a great sort of.


The Swedish penis pump, I believe.


Yeah, the Swedish, well there are so many of them. I shall let you in a little secret. I haven’t told anybody else this,

but I’m actually doing some research and developing a new penis pump and adding some new technology onto it. So at some point I look forward to revealing that to you once we get a little bit further down the track.


Looking forward to that very much.


I’m sure you are, again in the medical literature, nothing to really support increasing length for pumps. It can stop loss of length after prostate surgery. So you have prostate surgery, some of the nerves can be damaged and you can lose the ability to get an erection. Now, if that skin, that tissue, the corpus cavanough, some of the vascular space there, that’s not getting stretched out, it’ll scar up over time. And then you guys are great, I’ve survived prostate cancer, now my penis is an inch shorter and they’re not keen on that. So the pump certainly has been shown to work there, just using the medications, the Viagra type things by the injectable medications that reliably produces an erection that have been shown to prevent that loss of length. Certainly guys get temporary length and girth from the pumps, but that may be for a few hours. Most guys will say it won’t last more than twenty four hours. So pump perhaps isn’t really the answer for length. And then we get into the stretching devices and do you have guys bring them into you and say, I’ve got this collection of stretching devices, which one do you think is better? And this one’s got stainless steel rods.


Not exactly I mean that maybe maybe Sydney is a little bit different, it’s not show and tell.


Maybe I’m just too open about these things. Um, so yeah, I’ve had guys bring them in and show me again that there has been a couple of published studies that have shown some limited increase in length from using these stretching devices. But you’ve got to be again, really dedicated to it, so we’re talking hours a day and more hours, the better. So three hours perhaps is the minimum, maybe six hours is better. And then every day for months, preferably six months, so real dedication. But if you’re going to be dedicated, then I think some people will definitely get some increase in length and a step beyond just using the stretching device is what’s called hanging. Hanging either is tying a weight on in various fashions, using suction cups to the to the head of the penis and then actually suspending weights, and of course like, guys will always do, they always want to overdo it. But again, no medical evidence, but I’ve just seen too many guys on forums reporting what they’ve been doing, reporting their program and what they’ve done, and they’re all they’re all like Olympic athletes, these guys, you know, get up at 5:00 in the morning, warm up. You know, you’ve got to have your health drink this and that, you warm it up with towels. You’re doing all these exercises and stretches, you do that for a few hours in the morning. You wear it all day, stretching device, you come home in the evening, you do another warm up and stretch, and you hang weights off of it. I do believe it can make some some difference and some guys are claiming like really significant increases, like an inch in length and may have taken them years, but that’s a significant increase in the length, but then again, you hear lots of guys say, didn’t do anything for me.


And that’s a lot of effort, sounds highly impractical if you’re not guaranteed some extra length.


Yeah, I think some guys, they seem to be willing to do it, but I guess that’s why guys come and see us, because they’re not willing to go to that sort of extreme and they want to just have it taken up with an injectable filler. And then the next step from there, obviously, then becomes surgery. And and that’s where the most common is the suspensory ligament division, usually done by an incision just above the base of the of the penis, different shapes of it, and with the tension and the stretching of it, often they do what they call a v to y incision. So the skin is cut in a V shape and as they pull on the penis, they close up into a Y shape and it’s stretched that skin down. And the problem is that those scars tend to do really badly, often get infected. Just about a month ago, I had to do a scar revision on a guy because it just so stretched and indented. So it’s got people have tried doing otherwise, people have done like circumcisions and and gone in that way. And that sort of hides some of the scarring we’re even going in through the scrotum come from underneath, the scar in the scrotum. So, technically that’s making the operation a bit more complicated, but it can avoid one of the main drawbacks. The other drawback, of course, with the ligament division is that you’re not guaranteed of getting increased length. And you were saying this before, that you’ve seen lots of guys who have had the procedure, but not all of them are thrilled by the length that they’ve had.


No, with the amount of downtime, the cost of the procedure, the amount of aftercare and stretching that has to be done anyway, post procedure for months, I think they may have got a centimetre or two, but to them it wasn’t that obvious and not something that they’d probably go through again.


Yeah. So usually what they are expecting is gain in flaccid length and then not a gain in erect length. And so it’s turning you from a somewhat of a grower into a show on maybe. But if you’re not getting that erect length sort of improvement, then is it worth it and then would that worry of it out of the of the ligament reattaching, people have

devised all these different ways of trying to stop it, like putting in a silicone block, putting in balls of fat and various sort of things, but it can reattach. And yeah, as you say, if they’re not dedicated and doing the stretching, then it can even scar back and get shorter than it was just one of these things that if you’re going to need to do three hours of stretching a day every day for three to six months after surgery, maybe you should just try doing that before surgery. You might save yourself a scar or down time, the expense of doing it, and you might get exactly the same result as what you get with the surgery itself. Having said that, I’ve certainly seen guys who have had results and had been happy with their results, but not the majority, and again, maybe it’s a selection thing, maybe they’re coming to me because they’re not happy with their surgery results and all the guys who are totally happy with the results,


We would never see them.


But yeah, certainly not. And I think it’s online reputation is that it’s not as great as as what you hope it’s going to be.


Mm hmm. And for those of us who haven’t joined us previously on the penis show, we often talk about growers versus showers, it’s a common term used for guys who there are guys who have a fair bit of shrinkage, maybe in the cold or maybe just naturally the penis retracts, and so they don’t look like they have a very large penis when they’re relaxed and flaccid. But then when they have an erection, it’s three times the size or more. And they’re called growers, very normal. That can happen to a lot of men and it’s a very normal phenomenon. And then of course, you have those guys who are willing to take off the pants and walk around the change over several, you know, 15 to 20 minutes, and they’re usually the showers, guys who have penises that naturally hang out quite a bit, but an erection that may not increase in size as much as some of the growers.


Yeah, they could have a six inch flaccid penis in a six inch erect penis. Yeah, which is great. A guy can have a two inch flaccid penis and a six inch erect penis. It’s obviously something to do with that, that blood flow. And we’ll talk about this I think later when we talk about erectile dysfunction and various management, there are things that can somewhat turn you from a grower into a shower, but basically, I think it’s just your natural physiology. That’s just the way you are.


Sure. And and, you know, with the with the as you mentioned at the beginning, with the calibre procedure using just simple gel type of filler, even though it’s just for increasing girth, really the type of procedure that we do, it does often the weight and the structure of the filler turn someone who’s normally just to grower into a bit of a shower, it looks naturally bigger when they’re relaxed and flaccid.


Yeah, I’m going to wonder, it’s partially the weight, I think, it partially that the gel just resists from shrinking up. I just wonder if it’s like partially in your head as well, they don’t get shy, and feeling confident, and it just because it’s just something physiologically then just doesn’t want to shrink up, it hangs out more. And that’s why we say confidence changes everything and it really does.


Yeah, that’s a great, great way to wrap up. I think confidence changes everything and there are a lot of different and interesting options out there. And we’ve covered a few about lengthening the penis today, but no real easy solution to that one. And yeah. Thanks, thanks so much for joining the dick doctors, guys. Thanks Dr. Jayson again for all of your valuable insights.


Yeah guys, if you have questions, please let us know. Make a comment and yeah, we look forward to hearing from you.


Great, thanks.


Til next time.

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