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How does it work ?

In the same way wrinkle relaxer injections smooth away lines and wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and on the forehead, they can also improve the appearance of chin dimpling and creasing. 

This orange peel-like effect on the chin is typically the result of an overactive mentalis muscle, a set of muscles running down the centre of the chin and responsible for movement of the lower lip. Each time we talk, smile, eat and pout, the mentalis muscles of the chin contract. Over time, with weakened skin collagen and elastin, this pulls the overlying skin inwards and can create permanent dimples and creases on the chin. 

Wrinkle relaxer treatment works by preventing the mentalis muscles from contracting, consequently smoothing out the dimpled area. It can also be used to relax the muscle responsible for creating horizontal creases and wrinkles on the chin.

Smoothing away puckering and deep grooves on the chin can give the effect of a fuller chin. However, if you are after more chin projection and volume, dermal fillers – either in combination with wrinkle relaxers or on their own – will most likely be more appropriate. Read more about HA dermal filler treatment in our dermal fillers guide.

If the dimpling is caused by acne scarring rather than a hyperactive chin muscle, laser skin treatment or dermal fillers may be recommended. At your Cosmetic Doctor consultation we will examine your facial anatomy and create a tailored treatment plan that best matches your aesthetic goals.

Key benefits

  • Improves the look of chin dimpling or “chin cellulite”
  • Creates a smoother and fuller looking chin
  • Gives a more youthful-looking, sculpted appearance
  • Smooths away horizontal chin creases and wrinkles
  • Can shorten the look of an ageing chin
  • Quick, convenient treatment using well-known injectable wrinkle relaxers
  • No downtime, minimal discomfort


Results from chin dimpling treatment will take around 3-7 days to appear, as the target muscles slowly become weakened. 

As your results gradually peak at around 2 weeks post treatment, you’ll notice a much smoother chin area. 

Typical results last between three to four months, but this can vary between patients depending on your individual response to treatment. 

Treatment Details

What to expect

Our procedure

It’s our aim to provide you with the best cosmetic medicine experience in Sydney and we will provide you with all the available options to best suit your cosmetic needs and goals.

Treatment for chin dimpling is straightforward and relatively quick. You will first have a consultation with our cosmetic doctor who will assess whether you are a good candidate, explain the procedure and what the most likely outcomes will be.

The procedure itself lasts only a few minutes and involves a series of tiny injections into the muscles responsible for the puckering and creasing.

There is no pain associated with the treatment, only some mild discomfort. The area is iced beforehand and topical numbing cream is available, although most of our patients say the procedure is comfortable enough without a topical anaesthetic.

Wrinkle relaxer treatment for chin dimpling requires no downtime or recovery time.

Complications are rare – our practitioners are highly knowledgeable of the face anatomy and trained in the most advanced cosmetic injectable techniques to help mitigate the risk of any complications. The most common side effects are some redness and tenderness and occasional bruising at the injections sites, which should completely resolve over the next few days after treatment.

Your Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How many treatments will I need?

Usually only one treatment is required, however in some cases, depending on the size of your mentalis muscle and extent of dimpling, you may require multiple treatments for optimal effects.

How long will it last?

Chin dimpling treatment lasts around 3-4months, but you may find the results of subsequent treatments start to last longer.

Will it affect my ability to move my lower lip?

No, treatment should not impair your ability to talk, eat, smile, etc, as normal.

Correction of chin dimples and chin creases using wrinkle relaxers is a low-risk procedure and complications are rare. Always ensure your practitioner is qualified and experienced in chin dimpling treatment to further reduce any risks or side effects.

How much does chin dimpling treatment cost?

The cost of chin dimpling treatment depends on the size and amount of hyperactivity of your chin muscles and the dose required for optimal outcomes.

For more information on how wrinkle relaxers work, pricing, plus more FAQs, see our Wrinkle Relaxers page.


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