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Mole removal without scarring by Cosmetic Doctors

Our Senior Cosmetic Doctors perform all mole removal procedures in-clinic

Raised moles, lesions and skin tags on the face or body can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness for many people. Prominent and protruding moles (also called Nevi) and lesions (including sun-induced actinic keratosis and seborrhoeic keratosis) can detract from physical attractiveness and cause discomfort when they are located in areas that rub against clothing or bra straps. 

Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine is one of Sydney’s leading clinics for scarless mole removal. We use an advanced radiosurgery technique for quick and effective mole removal with minimal discomfort and no scarring.  


What is scarless mole removal?

Scarless mole removal uses a medical technique called radiosurgery, which utilises radio frequency waves that penetrate the skin and remove the mole or lesion manually while cauterizing the surrounding tissue. This procedure eliminates the need for scalpels, blade cutting and sutures and minimises bleeding. All these factors reduce the risk of post-surgical scarring significantly.

Key benefits

  • Removes unwanted raised moles, skin tags and lesions on face and body quickly and conveniently
  • Low risk of scarring
  • No scalpels, cutting or sutures
  • Minimises bleeding
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No downtime


The removal of moles, skin tags or lesions using radiosurgery will typically result in flat and blended results, especially when post-treatment guidelines are followed. Results vary from patient to patient, depending on the skin tag or mole type, size and location, and they way your body heals.

The skin on the face heals faster than the skin on the body. Moles and lesions removed on the face and neck areas usually recover within one or two weeks. Procedures performed on the back and limbs often take longer to heal. 

The treated areas may exhibit slight paleness and this effect is common with body treatments and for patients with olive or darker complexions. Secondary laser and light therapies can be used to address any discolouration that remains. 

The results from the removal of skin tags or moles at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine are excellent and can last for years. However, a small percentage of individuals do possess persistent lesions that may require treatments every few years.

Treatment Details

What to expect


Scarless mole removal is a Doctor-only procedure and performed only by our Senior Cosmetic Doctors. You will first have a consultation with our Doctor who will assess your dermatological history and the lesions you wish you to remove and determine whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

For any suspicious-looking moles or moles that have changed in colour, shape or size, we will recommend a shave biopsy be taken for pathology testing to ensure the lesion is benign prior to treatment.


The procedure itself is performed under local anaesthetic and takes 15-60 minutes, depending on the amount of lesions to be removed, their size and position and the specific radiosurgery technique used.

There is no cutting of the skin and no sutures are required. Lesions are removed just below normal skin level, which allows new skin to heal over smooth and level with surrounding tissue.

Downtime and Recovery

Post-treatment care is important for optimal scarless results and we will provide you with a detailed post-treatment care plan for you to follow in the days and weeks after your mole removal.

The removal of skin tags or moles at Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine involves no downtime and you can resume your regular routine immediately.

Your Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is radiosurgery?

Radiosurgery, also known as radiofrequency or radio wave surgery, is a medical technique that vaporises tissue with high frequency alternating current, allowing extremely precise incisions with minimal bleeding.

Can radiosurgery remove freckles or flat moles and spots?

We do not remove non-raised moles or freckles with radiosurgery, however we offer laser and light-based treatments to lighten this type of pigmentation.

Can all moles be treated with scarless radiosurgery?

If you have moles that have changed shape, size or colour, radiosurgery is not recommended. Any change in a mole should undergo testing, as it may be a melanoma. Exclusion from treatment may be the case if the mole grows more than 5mm in diameter, it has irregular borders or colours, or it bleeds. At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, your doctor will always recommend a shave biopsy to rule out any underlying dermatological conditions.

Are the results permanent?

The removal of raised moles and other lesions using scarless radiosurgery are generally lasting, however, persistent lesions may return after a period of years. If any do return, it is possible to retreat as required.

How much does scarless mole removal cost?

The cost for scarless mole and skin tag removal depends on the size, location and number of lesions to be removed.

First step is to schedule a Doctor consultation with us so we can assess and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.


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