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At Pavilion Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Gav and his team work to provide the very best experience for your cosmetic injectables treatment. We take the time to thoroughly discuss your aesthetic needs and goals, answer all of your questions and recommend a treatment plan best suited to you.

Our expert injectors are endorsed industry trainers with a wealth of experience in all cosmetic injectables. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised treatment and care for each and every patient, achieving reliable, natural-looking results to enhance your natural beauty and help you look your best at any age.

Cosmetic injectables such as wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers remain the most popular and commonly requested cosmetic procedures – and for good reason. Whether it’s to smooth away frown lines, soften crow’s feet, add volume to the lips or create a more defined cheek contour or jawline, there’s a broad range of cosmetic injectables to treat a variety of aesthetic concerns, with minimal discomfort and no downtime.


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